Farmers Produce Record Corn, Soybean Crops

January 13, 2010

Just wanted to share this link from a story I wrote for the Monsanto blog, Beyond the Rows. I mention it in the post, but I will restate it here: if you have 5-10 minutes, check out the final dozen pages or so of the USDA annual crop production report. It gives a great overview of the month-by-month weather conditions in each region and how each crop fared in 2009. I think it really shows how many challenges farmers across the country faced last year.


Harvest Tweet Wrap, Nov. 26-Nov. 30

November 30, 2009

Well, harvest is winding down in the Midwest. Judging from the tweets, most people in Nebraska and Iowa have finished or are pretty close to finishing. Illinois farmers have really took it on the chin this fall. Many are in the fields when they normally wouldn’t be (i.e., muddy fields). Check out tweets from JacksonFarms, CoryRitter and jilib for how bad things have been. Their photos are somewhat depressing. Or as cornwuff put it, “frightening.”

And more rain and snow is forecasted for central Illinois this week. Ugh.

Farmers’ work doesn’t end when the crop is out. Some are drying. Some are hauling. And some are applying nitrogen for next year’s crop. I’ll try to stay on top of tweets for fieldwork to provide updates. Maybe we can call it “offseason tweet wrap.”

Best wishes to those still in the fields.


OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“It was a good weekend for sorghum harvest in Oklahoma where dry. Some combines running late into the day around Enid OK today.”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Actually found a field where I could use grain cart with corn standing. However I have about 120 acres that might take a while. Good week???”

 “I like it when we get so busy on the farm we can’t remember what day of the week it is and don’t even really care. Just happy to be working”

“Good day harvesting. I need about two weeks like today and I think we could get it done this year. Yields holding up very well.”

“Pleased with a good run today harvesting corn. Then I looked at what we have left to do. One day at a time……”

kansfarmer, Kansas

“Looks like open week for fieldwork, dry enough we should be able to run nh3 and also spread “all-natural organic fertilizer””

mariclefarm, Nebraska

“Still in #harvest mode, thankful the drying bin is still working.”

SJO13, South Dakota

“Still working on corn harvest less then 100 acres to go ! Latest South Dakota report is 60% of crop still in the field #hvst09

brokfldpumpkins, Maryland  

“Combined some corn and soybeans this weekend…still going today until the rain comes”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Went from 1 of wettest Octobers on record 2 one of driest Novembers. Don’t like Nebraska weather? Wait a minute, it’ll change #agchat

“Currently shredding stalks and preparing fields for next springs planting season. Lots of compaction to fix from a wet harvest #farm #agchat

“Figuring up farm yields today, marketing corn, chiseling ends of fields, selling Producers Hybrids seed corn, and accounting work. #farm

hayseedmike, Iowa

“The end is near! Of harvest that is. 100 ac. to go.”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

“Slow day of harvest. Taking cousins corn to a neighbor’s drying bin. Thank goodness for XM to listen to OU vs OSU and my blackberry”

“So my almost 4 year old has pretty much figured out how to run the combine. Haven’t decided if I will let him run it full time next year:)”

cornwuff, Illinois

“Hmmm. Not what you want to see with as much corn left to harvest as we have. #farm #ag #harvest

“Dad upgraded this year. New tractor and his first ever grain cart. Full crew to run it all today too! #farm

“Feel like a real farmer today. Running the grain cart while dad combines and hired help Jeff trucks. #farm

“Very muddy today. #farm

“10 mile move to the next farm. New field, new mud. #farm

“Corn at the home #farm field averaged 158 bushels per acre. Good for that farm and the weather it had to deal with this year.”

“Too much mud. Almost got stuck. We’ve given up dumping on the move in this #farm field

“Filled up the dryer bin and combining in mud and water in the dark sucks, so we are done for the night. Not a bad day. #farm

jcmerts, Colorado

“A lot of irrigated corn still standing. Harvest in full swing though. Counted 30 muddy combines going in 70 mile drive two days ago.”

at_the_farm, Missouri

“Been shelling corn today. Was able to do the wife/mom thing & go shopping at 4am! #farmfriday

“Here’s to corn harvest…Did ya know: There are about 600 kernels on each ear of corn. #farmfriday

“And another…> Here’s to corn harvest…Did ya know:1 bushel of corn will sweeten more than 400 cans of soda. #farmfriday

CWFarms, Iowa

“Im down to the last 30 acreshope to finish tommorow #hvst09 #farm 

“We are officially done with #Harvest 09 as of 4:30 it feels great on to pullin soil samples and if it drys enough a little tillage work”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“A first for me too! RT @kevinpaap: first time I have ever heard Christmas songs on the combine radio! This long harvest needs to get over”

#harvest is going along super slooooow. Some of our #corn is ankle tall and no reel on the cornhead makes for a long day. #hvst09 #farm

“Down corn took today. corn. #hvst09 #harvest #farm #ag

“Why I quit #harvest till tomorrow and to see some family before they went back home. #hvst09 #farm #ag

I’m down to 2 1/2 fields left to #harvest. Could take 2 day or 2 weeks. I would bet on 2 weeks not 2 days. #hvst09 #corn #ag #farm

“Not while were still harvesting please. RT @klincos: Still waiting for first snowfall here in Central Illinois.”

“How about a new corn line from Monsanto. Water proof! #hvst09

“This is what harvest is like this year. #hvst09

“Elevator don’t open till 10 today. Hope to get this field done before rain gets here”

“No wake zone! #hvst09

“Why I don’t like down corn. Its dangerous!

 “Arriving at my last corn field to harvest. It sets 3/4 mile off paved road. #hvst09

“I should get corn finished tomorrow. Then a few acres of soybeans left to get.”

kevinpaap, Minnesota

“first time I have ever heard Christmas songs on the combine radio! This long harvest needs to get over”

“has 12 rows of corn left to harvest.”

“finally cold enough outside to be able to do tillage in the cornfield. I love the nightshift!”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“We are going to try picking today, haven’t seen anyone going yet, someone got to be the first, well see how this goes!”

“Little wet, cutting ruts, but time to get this corn out!

#harvest09 is all about seeing how little we can get done in a day, picking 1/4 mile rows and just 6 rows, trying 2 keep combine light.”

“Dumping trucks, adding push water to combine and then the race is on. Hope to have another good day.”

“Never thought I be picken corn at the end of November that was 22.3% maybe it all the mud that is making it that wet #hvst09

“I swear we only have break downs on the combine after everything has closed. Oh well done till morning.”

“Had one of our more productive days didn’t start pickin till 11:30 and will get 90 acres done today. Snow, rain in forcast for Wed.”

jilib, Illinois

“3 generations of Meisenheimer family, attempting (ohmy it’s wet here) to pick corn n few minutes. #food #family #mud :-)”

“My cousin from Ga brought her little boys by-they rode n the combine w Curt.They were so happy about it, I forgot we’re ‘STILL’ n the fld.”

“A gr8 sunshiny day! Perfect day 4 #hrvst09! Nothings that easy- Creek crossing vs us, we are not winning-at the moment.”

“Unloading corn. My new favorite way to spend a Saturday night!

“Curt picking corn,Zacs hauling n.I did chores then watchd a Hallmark movie & researching 4 a golf course n N IL 4 gift cert. Rain coming :(.” – Fun in the mud. (NOT)” – Glad we only took one combine down there. This was yesterday.” – Got Mud? we do”

“It’s raining, #harvest09 the never ending saga continues.”

“Curt’s going to finish the field he is in (Pioneer test wagon there corn is 17.3, 211 bpa) 1.5 mi from bins (poured) he got sprinkles only!!”

“Then we have 2 fields left that we can’t get into either of. So, will go help BIL with his if we can.”

“over tweeting here but Im amazed at how well the corn was standing 2day (tw, moisture, bpa 2) we’ve had some NOT so good but GRATEFUL 4 this”

“Curt grd feed then worked cows, Zac helpd haul 135 ton of rock 2 the crossing 2 b fixed. 2 flds left 4 #hrvst09 -day after 2moro?? Hope!”

Agridome, Ontario

“Hopefully rapping up corn harvest next week……..December!”

“Corn harvest continues near Dresden Ontario… 50 acres left..

“Last few rows of corn on this farm….with Jackson Seed Service in the background near Dresden Ontario..

“Last few rows of corn on this farm….with Jackson Seed Service in the background near Dresden Ontario..

“Beautiful SW Ontario day in last November….loading corn near Dresden Ontario” “

“Raining Again…harvest window closing because snow is coming……”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska – Happy Thanksgiving!! Watch this video of little hams from our #farm this morning #thankafarmer #agchat – This is the right thanksgiving video of little hams from this morning”

“Every body on our family #farm will be working today trying to make up for the short day yesterday and weekend coming up. #blackfriday

foodprovider, Iowa

“Will be doing pig chores, then harvesting corn until supper. Then we will celebrate Thanksgiving”

“Need to make repairs on combine before we can get started today. #hvst09

“Yday morning, 3 generations of Ver Steeg’s working on corn harvest. That’s what modern family farming is all about! #food

“Enjoyed spending the last 3 days harvesting corn with my 13 yr old son. He ran the grain cart for me.” – Great Daddy time in the combine yesterday. #food #farm #family

“No, November has been dry and mild temps. Got a couple tenths of rain Monday night. 130 acres of corn left.”

“FARMING……the original “Green” job. Support family farmers!”


Harvest Tweet Wrap, Nov. 12-17

November 17, 2009

Aplogies for taking nearly a week to get up another Harvest Tweet Report. Things are finishing up in most parts of the country, though Missouri and Illinois (and now southern Iowa, I think) are experiencing 48 hours of rain. With more in the forecast. Ugh. The moisture is coming down a smidge, it appears, with some farmers reporting sub-20 percent corn this week. Still not good, but much better than the 25-30 percent we were seeing through late October and early November. Yields seem solid, despite the weather too. Now it’s getting it dried down (if you have on-farm dryers) and to the elevator. And some are even having trouble getting it to the elevators, with several Illinois farmers reporting early closures.

I hope to have at least one more report before Thanksgiving. Let’s hope our farmers can at least take a day off for that . . . unfortunately, our Illinois friends may be in the combine working on Turkey Day and beyond.

Hang in there, everyone.

Thanks for reading,


zjhunn, Nebraska

“Making some good progress with corn #harvest. Moisture still 20%+ most of the time. Yields good, 220-230 field averages”

gilmerdairy, Alabama

“It’s a beautiful day…the weather is great and I’ve got the grain drill rolling.”

“Time to fire up the ol’ 4255 and drill some rye.”

“Today I started planting our spring forages…learn more in our newest GDF MooTube Minute (# 011)

cornwuff , Illinois

“Tweeting from the tractor cab is hard. I have a neat video to upload later! Putting on NH3 fertilizer today. #farm #ag

“At home in a seat that isn’t bouncing wildly. Here’s my NH3 application video from the tractor cab. #farm #ag”

“Corn plot harvest is complete. Winner is Agrigold 6309VT3 with 227bu/acre at 23% moisture. Pretty good! #farm #ag

jilib, Illinois  

“talkd 2 frnd sm farmers no #hvst09 4 few daze 4 them.Corns 24+, Only option ship direct but dock so much so waiting.I’m grateful 4 storage”

“I’m picking corn, zac’s hauling across the road-testing 19,aprox 200 bpa,curts putting on anhyrous. Hope all having a gr8 day!”

“Rain coming this afternoon (& 4 3 days :-() hoping 4 a good corn picking day up until then.”

“Its raining enuff 2 stop harvest shortly. Now,watching a meeting of the minds-zac/betterway & fil/oldway. I’m the only 1 smiling.”

Lathamcornguy, Iowa  

“A few farmers in southern fayette county will b finishing harvesting this weekend!!”

FredPond, Ohio  

“Putting some equipment away this morning, never thought that would happen this year”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“The good thing about the elevators closing early is I got over 600 acres of disk ripping done. #hrvst #harvest #ag #farm

“This weather doesn’t look to good for finishing up with #harvest.”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma  

“Wet again! Harvest stopped on Saturday due to damp conditions. Watching cotton and soybean quality and so far we are good in Oklahoma.”

“Sorghum yields better than expected late harvest in Oklahoma. Many well above 60 bu. in areas that average far less.”

“Headed to south central Texas to check on this years performance of corn, cotton and soybeans. Will report what I see along the way.”

“Central Texas cotton near 80% harvested and wet. Color grades not so good. Farmers looking forward to next year. Acres stable.”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Hearing of propane shortages for some farmers drying corn.At least another 3 weeks worth of drying corn around Central Ill.? June corn @ 23%”

“Could be a slow week for Harvest. Forecast for 1 to 3″ of rain in Central Ill. Ugghhh. Better get after it, what day is it ?”

“From Decatur to Champaign very few beans left. Half of the corn out +or – 10%. Decent amount of tillage ,however we are usually done by now”

“If we get much rain, fall annhydrous application might be over for this year.”

“2″ of rain at our farm in Cental Ill. Harvest will wait a little longer. About 50% corn harvested here. Farmers can get about 20% a week.”

“Wow, more heavy rain overnight. Don’t even want to look at gauge, wouldn’t make any difference anyway. Central Ill. a mess”

“Record? Over 13″ of rain in our guage in Central Ill. in the last 6 weeks. 3.4″ since Sunday noon.”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“We should finshes beans today, and get back to corn. It has tried a lot! We have not had many break downs this yr, untill the last 2 days!”

“We have finally finshed soybeans! I am picking corn by myself try to fill all the trucks for the drivers to get n line 1st thing in morning”

“Trying to pick corn, all trucks in line at the elevator, sitting here with full grain cart and combine. We will go to bins when they close”

“Long lines at elevator, shut us off at 1. Each truck got 4 loads in last truck was in line at 12:45 won’t get dumped till about 2:30.”

“Well, got dad in combine today. Wife and I in Lamaze class. When we signed up I thought we would be done pickin! Baby due Jan 15 our 1st

farmerbart, Nebraska  

“Finishing up hauling manure! Headed back to picking corn. I hope it has dried some. Corn in the area still running 20 plus! Lots left!”

kansfarmer, Kansas  

“Wow, several inches of snow on the ground and still falling heavily – #thankful havest is mostly over and some needed slow time upcoming”

foodprovider, Iowa

“Found 19% corn y’day. Foggy and misting out today. Not sure if combine will roll. #hvst09

Looks like a great day to be out in the combine. #hvst09

agmatters, Illinois

“A farmer rainy day project at harvest–moving grain. Lots of mud and not enuf dry coats. #ag

Asian lady bugs invaded r weather station. No idea of rainfall, obviously more than the .67 it shows. Looks more like 2 inches +?. #09hrvst

at_the_farm, Missouri

“working on finishing up beans today! Can’t haul to elevator cause they r all full”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Rolling on corn in foggy/misty conditions. 480 acres to go, but elevators and feedyard want dry corn now.”

“320 acrers of corn left to go. Light at the end of the tunnel!!! Yields have been outstanding considering the amount of hail we’ve had. #fb

Tykerman1, Nebraska  

“Had a good day of corn picking. Not too hard when it got hailed on so bad. My cell phone, not working so well.”

“got 160 acres left, but it is still wet and muddy. Corn laying down from all the hail, some 75% damage”

“Woke up to an inch of snow, it melted as fast as it arrived. Was told we had 36″ of snow in October.”

“still have 400 acres of millet in windrows on the ground, that might be there til March or April.”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“Working on a big problem 2 finish harvest. Our electric 100hp motor that runs our dryer quit high $$ placement 4 a wk #foodchat #hvst09

mariclefarm, Nebraska

“5000 bu DRY corn delivered, wish we had more drying bin space #harvest

brokfldpumpkins, Maryland

“Brookfield Harvest Update: full season beans are done, 180 acres of corn to go, 12 acres of wheat cover crop to plant..we r getting there”

“Another 100 acres corn done. Ave 20% w/ way more bu than we expected. Let the great grain shuffle begin! #09hvst

“Good weather projected the next few days…harvesting to be done!”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Corn harvest in full swing finally – moisture running 19.5 to 20.5%–not too bad given the year.”

“Combining corn when we started moisture was 19% & it’s moved 2 22%…no choice but 2 combine & put in bin (will have 2 B managed carefully)”

“8 yr old son tells me he’s driving the combine more than his uncle–we start them early on the farm.”

“Just finished another field of corn – ran about 19-20″% moisture–but it filled the bin. WOO HOOO”

CWFarms, Iowa

“Well we finally got over the halfway mark on corn harvest hope the second half goes as well as the first”

FaistFarmsInc , Michigan

“36V53 – 301.724 bushels/acre


Harvest Tweet Wrap, Nov. 9-11

November 11, 2009

Well, for good reason, I think farmers are more focused on harvesting than posting Twitter updates this week. Most of the Midwest has had decent weather, so the combines are rolling. According to the USDA Crop Progress report on Nov. 9, soybean harvest picked up quickly, from 51 percent last week to 75 percent this week. However, the five-year average is usually 92 percent at this time of the year. Corn harvest is also behind. It’s usually 82 percent complete, but it’s at 37 percent. Cotton harvest is also slow. Forty-four percent of the cotton acres are harvested, compared with 59 for the five-year average.

So progress is being made. But moisture in beans and corn is still high. Hope the crop continues to dry down for everyone. And best wishes for high yields and a safe end to harvest.

Thanks for reading again.


at_the_farm, Missouri           

“Would have been done w/ beans today BUT,,,,elevators are full. Average wait in line is 3 hours. Def need more on farm storage.”

“Hit some beans yesterday that made less than 20 bu/ac. I was literally sick 2 stomach & had 2 unplug header. Dam group 4 beans & early frost”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“Last week was big for weed control in winter canola. Sprayed when the wind slowerd. On time for majority of crop. Starting to canopy rows.”

“Oklahoma cotton. Need a week of dry weather and cotton harvest can move north. Quality and yield in central Oklahoma better than average”

“Oklahoma Canola. Low insect pressures at this time. Few acres to treat. Mid November through early February is fertilizer season”

mariclefarm, Nebraska  

#hvst09 Beautiful wknd, finished soybean #harvest, Corn moisture in one field “down” to 21, kids get to help combine today”

kansfarmer, Kansas  

“Looks like another mostly open week for fall harvest/field work – very thankful for that after slow start #hvst09” 

“Just finished corn harvest a few minutes ago, 60 acres of sunflowers left and #hvst09 will be complete!”

akleinschmidt, Ohio

“Here are the numbers for my plots: 108 acres of corn averaged 189.9 bpa (dry) and 112 acres of soybeans averaged 59.0 bpa (dry).”

“I was pleasantly surprised with corn. I had a few corn plots that didn’t do great but overall avg yield was much higher than I expected.”

SJO13 , South Dakota

“Soybean Harvest done – Yah, Looks like most in N Central SD finished over the weekend, no line at the elevator this AM #hvst09

Agridome, Ontario

“Beautiful harvest weather, best of the fall season. ..some SW Ont elevators not taking corn …soybeans coming out of the woodwork”

“Ontario going to hit 250 million plus corn bushels…….Market Trends for November will be published in one week at

“Good things come to those who wait…… harvest weather of the season means soys come off dry…corn harvest beckons….”

“Started corn harvest today….corn testing 22% moisture, 200 plus bu/acre yields near Dresden Ontario”

“2009 Ontario corn crop mimicking 1992 Ontario corn crop…light test weights, Grade 3,4,5 and sample grade as you move north..”

“Low test weight , poor quality Ont, Quebec corn in 2009 must be showing up in the northern states too….it obviously means lower yield”

“Corn in extreme SW Ontario, Kent, Essex Cty..200 bu plus, grade 2, will be needed to blend in with lower test weight corn as we move north”

“View from my Combine Cab near Dresden Ontario….corn testing 21%..

Lathamcornguy, Iowa

“From 27 to 23 percent in one week. Getting some much needed late season drying in!”

FarmerHaley, Ohio

“Agreed, Beans R done on our farm, working on conrn”

“My 89 Year old Grandfather is having fun plowing 2day!”

“Busy day trying to haul corn away from the combine fast enough! finding some corn below 20% after that nice stretch of weather!”

Tykerman1, Nebraska  

“Bean harvest in western Nebraska progressing rapidly. Great strides over the past 5 days and forecast is favorable. #harvest #farm #ag

“Corn harvest picking up pace as moisture levels drop below 20%. Fields getting dry enough to only get stuck in the low spots. #harvest

iamafarmer2, Nebraska  

“It’s official our 5th gen. family farm is done with soybeans for #hrvst09–WOO HOOOOO :)”

“A beautiful morning on the farm

“Oops had to hang the laundry first-is it really November 10th? Gorgeous day for corn #hrvst09. Still trying to get the dryer bin working.”

tvfarmer, Illinois  

“Beans getting knocked out. Still many to go. We should finish this week. Heard that corn is still carry moisture near 30% north Ill. ???”

“Soybeans going out fast in Central Ill. Another good day today. Don’t believe I have harvested any beans under 11% moisture this year!”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska  

“Nothing like a wide open space w/ beautiful sunset in So Cent NE

“Finished another fld. Great yld. Don’t know if I have enough fuel to make it to home though”

farmerbart, Nebraska  

“Hauling liquid hog manure today. My 4 year old telling me the benefits of “feeding back to the corn and making it grow better”. Smart kid!”

“We hual manure using the latest tech. GPS, variable rate, mapping, and auto steer to enusre proper agronomic rates.

HuskerFarm, Nebraska  

“Almost 100 acres out today. Dealing with some lines at elevator. Corn running 19-19.5%. Yields are good. Lot of progress around here.”

FredPond, Ohio  

“Working soybean ground near the Elevator. Looks like the long lines are down to just a memory of #harvest09.”

“Harvest at a virtual stop due to DRY weather. Farmers jumping to tillage. Elevator sitting empty.”

“If we don’t get some rain soon I am going to lose my entire wheat crop. (Just kidding). Typical farmer”

cottonfarmer, Georgia  

“Wow rain is coming to the end. N. GA got the most 4-6 inches. Dooly county got about 1.8 in.”

jilib, Illinois  

“We’re having a gr8 day w #hrvst09 corn . When I got home Zac & I put up part of elec fence 2 turn cows out on stalks-latest in the year ever”

“Had 2 get curt off combine 2 help us across the creek-im not balanced enuff 4 that yet. 3 places across the creek

“seed beans being hauld out 2moro-that’ll free up a bin 4 corn,awsm.My BFFs hauling n 2 HogInc (elevator)no1 else n line-has 2 b under 18 thr”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska  

“We’ve had a good start to the wk all our field away from home are done corns running 17mo #hvst09 #agchat #farm

foodprovider, Iowa  

“One load of pig manure left to haul. Then focus on corn harvest. #hvst09

“Sun in the sky & a nip in the air. Great day to get back to corn harvest. #hvst09

JacksonFarms, Illinois  

“Hows #harvest going 4 everyone? I’ve about 2 weeks left 2 go if weather holds. Getting less 100 acres a day sucks.#hrvst #farm #ag

agmatters, Illinois  

“It better rain just a little..put in 18 hr day just 2 get those dirty beans done. Need serious nap but bills piled up during wk #harvest.”

“Ahh just a bit of rain. Thanks Lord. You can stop now. I’ll get office work caught up now! The boss will get eq ready for corn.”

Harvest Tweet Wrap, Nov. 5-8

November 9, 2009

It was a crazy day at the office because Monsanto had a big announcement, so I apologize this post is really already a day old. But, I thought some may find it useful.

Lots of action in the fields this weekend, so this was one of the biggest harvest tweet wraps I’ve done. Good to see some progress being made, even though farmers are still playing catch up.

OK, well, off to relax for the evening. Thanks for reading and best wishes to all of those still trying to harvest this fall. Be careful out there.




OkieAgMan, Oklahoma   

“Met with people from across Oklahoma today in OKC at the annual Ag Retailers Meeting. Canola looks good everywhere. Needs weed control.”

“Canola had a few armyworms in September in southern Oklahoma. Cool wet weather prevented larger outbreak. Keep scouting for worms and bugs.”

“Some great soybean yields coming in this week. If they were late on bugs, weeds or fungi it hurt them much more than average in 2009.”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Just got in from combining by moonlight–wish there were more hours in the day right now”

“Back in the grain cart again.”

“Trying to read hand signals frm the combine farmer in a fog of soybean dust — not easy”

“Just got in from harvesting a great crop of chicken feed, pork feed and cooking oil or maybe I should just call it vegies and oil :)”

“We had a bin fire Monday morning & the firemen R back out 2nite – cnt seem 2 get it out 4 gd.Please use extra caution w/ dryers.”

“Thank goodness for the sunshine-the dust is now flying. Harvesting the vegies and oil.

“Air conditioner is going on and the dust is flying–is this still the same #hrvst09

“So we have cattle coming from MT this am and harvest to do — it’s going to be a very busy day on the #farm

“Combine has been rollin most the weekend and have 1 more field to go–Wooo HOOOOO”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

When all that frost melted the stalks got really wet!

 “Almost all elevator around here R on short hrs(4 hrs a day), so it’s hard 2 get a lot of harvesting done. Its still very wet.#harvest #corn

“Our bins are almost full and all the elevators closed early so we quit. #harvest #farm #ag

brokfldpumpkins, Maryland

“Putting lime on our fields today to raise the pH…and still combining!”

“Planting wheat today and through the weekend…the weather is working in our favor so we have to keep on chugging along!”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Nice Breeze today. Fields and corn need it badly. This weather is a month late but I will take it.Tough going with soft fields.”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Picking pocorn that did not get hail. Plant health and yield are outstanding. Popcorn has made my poor soils turn profits. #farm

CoryRitter, Illinois

“Heavy frost here in central IL, late start for beans and local elevator closing @ 11:00 am for all day!”

“Cutting beans this morning, fill trucks and grain cart, sit and wait for elevator to open. Open at 1 for beans and18% and under 4 corn.”

“Had a Great day cutting today, got started by 10:00 am quit @ 8:00 pm got about 150+ cut. Feels good having good productive days 4 a change”

“While cutting beans last night, we ran a skunk through the combine, everything still stinks this morning!”

kjh_786, Wisconsin

#harvest Another sunny day, Corn is still wet (25-35%) ear molds everywhere. SB harvest still slow moistures upto 16% yet. Sunny weekend.”

SJO13, South Dakota

“Soybean harvest going well in SD, most producers could be done by the weekend #hvst09

jilib, Illinois

“Beans tough after heavy frost-pickin corn 4 a while-Today should b done w beans.Corn is 17.5-we’ve had none that dry,hope not only dry fld”

“Bean #harvest09 over, for us today-a good day. They started picking corn about 5-the last load went 19, were ok with that-hope it last :-)”

“We’re picking corn taking 2 dryr bins cn put abt 4500 n e of them,w stirator-when dry will trnsfr 2 another bin, so far all under 20 (yeah)”

“The corn that had flood damage-what a dusty mess-reel is picking the corn up well but- but so dirty.

frnds dn the road could b done n 2-3 days-but w elevator closin early & the 2 closest elevators won’t take corn over 19”

“The corn we took out today was 15.9. It’s a flattened dirty dusty mess-it was where the creek got out-used a reel on the corn head.”

farmerbart, Nebraska

“Harvest high moisture corn 4 neighbor today. 28 moisture great ylds. Also str injecting all natural fertilzer today. Hog manure liquid gold”

at_the_farm, Missouri

“Fields that we had 2 work this Spring r 2 wet! Deep ruts & water standing. Most no-til bean fields r done! 4 GOOD days & we r done w/ beans!”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“We had a small fire in our combine this morning couldn’t find the source so were cleaning it up going back to field #agchat #farm

“Left my 16 & 21yr sons to put the combine back together tonight hopefully it will be ready to run by morning #agchat #farm #hvst09

“Stoped harvest early so we can attend a banquet celibrating 51yr of Gods failthfulness to our local Christian School Nebraska Christian”

“We have been in some nice dry corn last couple of days 15-18mo, irrigated ylds still running + 20bu better than avg #hvst09 #agchat

CWFarms, Iowa

“Corn harvest seems to be going good need more sun heat and wind to dry this crop down findin a little bit of corn thats dry”

cornwuff, Illinois

“At dad’s farm, playing seed salesman and calibrating his yield monitor. Here comes the combine!

“Still In the field with a customer weighing soybeans. A beautiful sunset just occured.

“Busy day at the co-op. #farm #ag

“In the field on a beautiful Saturday morning.

“The view from my tractor seat. #farm #ag

FredPond, Ohio

“Local elevator full of wet corn. Nov. 6 and still some 29% corn. Wish Al Gore would pay my drying bill”

“Finished corn harvest last night. Best yields in corn and beans ever. Always enjoy harvest season, consider it a more relaxed time.”

“For me it back to work in the seed business, meetings, sales, bagging seed. Already 2 weeks behind, planting season on 4.5 months out!”

Lathamcornguy, Iowa

“15 pods on a 4″ section of hail damaged beans. they were cut @ within 5 inches of the soil during the storm west of West Union Resiliency!”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

“Just did interview w/ @USATODAY about NE being wet vs yrs of drought. Love talking farming from the cab of a combine.”

“Is there any better sight then the deep orange-yellow of Pioneer corn coming out of a green John Deere during harvest?”

“Picking dryland corners that are still running 20%+ moisture. Not sure if I am actually accomplishing anything”

zjhunn, Nebraska

“I’m out harvesting popcorn for your future movie-viewing pleasure. #harvest

“Still picking popcorn. Did 5700+ #/acre on an 80 this afternoon. Improved planting #technology and good soil practices pay off.”

“This one was popcorn on popcorn, we were a little surprised how well it did.”

“Saw a pretty diverse #harvest operation this morning: green and red combines, orange and green tractors, blue and red auger wagons”

“Popcorn #harvest is in the books. Now on to Lincoln for #Huskers#Sooners

Tykerman1, Nebraska

“Maybe we will get cranked up on corn harvest today. Moistures still in the low twenties on most of this. #farm #harvest

kevinpaap, Minnesota

“is driving trucks, Andy is in the grain cart, Owen is combining soybeans and Julie is in the V-ripper. Good day today!”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska – Popcorn harvest update with my daughter and her song “Combine” to the tune of Rawhide.”

“Finished up on the popcorn tonight. Order yours at Yellow corn tomorrow. Taking my wife to the NU-Oklahoma game.”

“Back to picking some corn this afternoon.”

hayseedmike, Iowa

“Sitting in a line from hell at the local elevator!!!”

“Got done with beans today now only 3 weeks of corn left”

kansfarmer, Kansas

“First field of sunflowers 7% moisture, tried another field we’d rather cut — still 15-20%, but good drying weather Finally!! #hvst09

“Lessened the pile of office paperwork this morning, headed out to haul corn this afteroon. Elevators filling up around here #hvst09

agmatters, Illinois

“More beans today. Hoping 2 cut more @ 5.5-6 mph. Feels like ur flying after 3.8. Bushels holding well n 60 range. #09hrvst

foodprovider, Iowa

“Should get finished harvesting #soybeans 2day. #hvst09

 “Soybean harvest is officially done for this NW #Iowa modern, family farmer. #food #farm #hvst09

“Was happy to have my 10yr old son ride in combine for 5 hours w/ me last night. #food #family #farm

“Farm wives r the best for everything they put up with during harvest, mine included. #food #farm

“Enjoy watching the wild life out in the fields while harvesting. Deer, fox, pheasants, hawks, mice……. #hvst09 #food #farm

“Manure hauling still running strong. End is in sight. #hvst09

“Happily worked 95 hours this week to bring #food to your table. #farm

“Spent 13 hrs working w/ my 13 yr old son on our modern family #farm y’day. When we were driving home he said “This was a REALLY FUN day!”” – We send soil samples to @MidwestLabs to test for pH. This is lime to spread to raise pH on my #farm #food

“In the process of switching combine from soybeans to corn. #food #farm

 FarmerHaley, Ohio

“back to shelling corn today and making the last cutting of hay for the year…..going to be a busy afternoon!” – Wrapping balage”

 cottonfarmer, Georgia

“will we might as well have hurricane party in th cotton field.”

Harvest Tweet Wrap, Oct. 31-Nov. 3

November 3, 2009

Here’s the harvest tweet wrap from Oct. 31-Nov. 3. I know I missed a couple days (Oct. 29-30), so I apologize. But this wrap makes up for it. It’s huge, and I think nearly every state in the Corn Belt is represented for this one.

Things picked up quite a bit the past three days. It appears soybeans may be close to being complete for many farmers on Twitter. The problem for many farmers is still moisture in corn. Oh, and the inability to get in the field.  I don’t think I’ve come across any farmer with moisture at less than 20 percent. But we have some dry weather forecasted for most of the Midwest the rest of this week. Just hope it warms up and dries the ground so the combines can get in there at full force.

I never got around to following more farmers on Twitter this weekend . . .  I found a few new ones for this wrap, but I need to block some time over the next couple days to catch up. If you have any recommendations for follows, let me know. And as always, let me know how I can improve this.

Take it easy, but take it,


mariclefarm, Nebraska

“Great day yesterday-Laura brought sorority sisters to the farm-horses, 4 wheelers, & bonfire. You’re all welcome anytime to visit our #farm”

“We are still a few days from starting corn.”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“Just finished my popcorn. Combined through standing water. What an Oct Lord willing Nov will be dryer #agchat #hvst09 #farm”

“Were having a good day in bros. Field could use another truck doing some waiting. High quality popcorn excellent yld #agchat #hvst09 #farm”

“Nothing like finishing a good day off harvest with clear skies and a full moon. #hvst09 #agchat #farm”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Cleaning combine for popcorn so everyone can enjoy it at the theater.  Must clean combine thoroughly for food grade harvest!!!  Farmers care”

“Started on the popcorn today. COmbine is set well. just need it to dry down .5% and we can keep going.  Hopefully by noon tomorrow.”

agleader, California

“Finished cotton harvest yesterday.  Rain did some damage to grades, but all in all ok. Yield was above average. Nice to be done.”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“The sun shined all day today – a great day on the #farm. Hoping combine will run again tomorrow.”

“Hoping to combine soon. Asian beetles everywhere–do townsfolk have them? They are awful–but thankful for the warmth so we can harvest.”

“Combines running every direction one looked this afternoon-what a great day for the whole country.”

“Thought we would combine after dinner/lunch. But sun didn’t come out like forecast predicted – no combining yet. #harvest09

“Headed to the grain cart – won’t be able to participate in #agchat–might be able to lurk. Have a great one.”

“Sitting in the grain cart,2combines doing 75 feet-harvest 09 rocking woo hoo”

kansfarmer, Kansas

“Not a chance of rain in forecast, looks like we will finally have most open harvest week of the season! #hvst09

FredPond, Ohio

“Back in the corn field this morning. 105 corn running about 26% moisture, May planting.”

“Moonrise from the combine

mzfarmads. Iowa

“Harvest started rolling Sat. and Sun. Watched neighbor running, going OK but only 1 hopper at a time on the grain cart”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“Some #harvest pics if they work.

“More #harvest pics.

“I’m in a #harvest rut.

“Wet #corn is sticky. #harvest

“The sun tried to come out after the flood.

jilib, Illinois

“Corn 2day-Beans 2morrow– gr8 2 type that! #Hvst09 #farm

CoryRitter, Illinois

“Back at it today, picking a field we split so we don’t have to get the grain cart in, little sloppy, cuttin ruts, but it is Nov. 2 no choice”

“Got a semi stuck today, know of 4 combines and 3 grain carts in the area that got stuck also. Think farmers are ready to get harvest done”

“Sec. Of State SUV pulled in to elevator, sat for 3 min or so then pulled out. Last thing we need when we can get corn picked for once!”

MartinFarms, Illinois

“Looks like a good forecast, maybe we can continue harvest by mid-week. Still a lot of water standing in the fields.”

“finally back to the field for a few days. looks like good week ahead”

agmatters, Illinois

“Area farmers will be attacking corn fields today despite slimy conditions. #harvest

“Filled the drier full of corn so off to beans today. 1st step-cleanout combine so no cross contamination for nonGMOs. Not easy & timely. #ag

at_the_farm, Missouri

“Wow..multiple days of working in the field! Cutting beans now so we can inject liquid manure/fertilizer for next years crop.Thats Organic”

akleinschmidt, Ohio

“Two more big days and corn plots will be off, and I will be done with harvesting all my plots.”

“Everyone running corn. Conagra popcorn guys have to wait until Nov. 13”

cornwuff, Illinois

“The five day forecast is the best I’ve seen in six weeks. We might actually harvest something next week! #farm #ag

“20% chance of rain, so of course it rains this morning. Meh.”

“This harvest will be long and drawn out and with extremely high moisture corn.”

“yields are very good in this area. Cool summer helped. But crop didn’t finish maturing due to cool temp so it is very wet.”

“we ended up about 200 or so growing degree units short from average.Weird year.Plus late planting due to excessive spring rain”

CWFarms, Iowa

“We just finished beans what an awesome feelin this year now on to corn lets see if we can be done before xmas”

BNorthey, Iowa

“Red sky at night – farmer’s delight. Full harvest moon – beautiful. Actually being able to harvest – priceless! Wonderful! Awesome!”

“Typical Nov harvest day of Iowa farmers includes all the daylight hrs – & more than a few of the dark hrs. Stay safe. Nice sunrise today.”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Farmers in our area will be dodging pond holes and wet spots this week harvesting. At least another week before they can go whole farm.”

“Neighbor bought hugh flotation tires for combine. I was impressed with what they cost….20K+”

“Just a suggestion, when you look at that wet spot in the field and you think you can make it, my experience says , turn around…..”

“Dust flying out the back of the combine but mud between the tires. It will get better each day it dosen’t rain, hang in there.”

“Going to be tip toeing through the corn field today. Hope the wet spots don’t find me. Filling driers again!”

minnemom, Minnesota

Corn was coming off the field at 22%. Now it’s raining again. Long harvest this year.

mkg81, Illinois

“My dad is running on corn today. Harvesting @ 26% moisture in Central IL. One of the local fb pres also on corn @ 25% moisture in w cent il”

“Haven’t heard yields yet. Dad says it looks okay. I’ll call and let you know. Guys last week were taking out @ 35% and 24%. Its a mess!”

kjh_786, Wisconsin

“now it’s snowing again, guess the weatherman was wrong again”

“2nd day of no rain and sun, the soybean harvest should get back into full swing #harvest

gilmerdairy, Alabama

“We’re finally back in the field chopping silage.”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“Starting to dry so we can harvest. Some soybeans have been waiting a month to harvest. Cotton is getting close to ready in Central OK.”

“Headed out to look at winter canola. Looking for weeds, and bugs. Comparing plant size in plots to date.”

“Canola looked great. Cooler nights have slowed growth. This is good. Average is about 8 leaves in Garfield county. No insects to report.”

SJO13, South Dakota

“Sun & 50 in N Central SD – hoping for harvest to resume, forecast looks dry #soybeans should go most #corn too wet #hvst09

“Combines rolling again in South Dakota !! YAH ! Was great to see a long line of trucks at the elevator this morning #thankafarmer #hvst09

Pigg74, Illinois

“Had bin fire Friday, what a great volunteer fire dept we have”

“hope to harvest beans tomorrow”

“got mess from bin fire cleaned up, now just need new floor and heat unit”

foodprovider, Iowa

“62 & lots of sun today. Forecast looks good for the week. Will get soybeans finished this week.”

“Found some corn under 24% 2day. There is mold on kernels. Going to send off a sample to test for which type of mold. #hvst09

“We have a true family farm. Boys got to ride in the combine with me 2night. Love the company. #food #hvst09

“Got the manure tank running 2day. Applying pig manure to fields. #farm #food #ag

“Cool & cloudy 2day. Missed the rain. Hope to finish #soybeans Thurs/Fri. #hvst09

Harvest Tweet Wrap, Oct. 26-28

October 28, 2009

Folks in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and some in Illinois were able to hit the fields over the past three days, so there was quite the uptick in harvest tweets this week. Rain and SNOW! are in the forecasts yet again for most of the Midwest over the next couple days, so it’s safe to say we shouldn’t expect many harvest tweets through the weekend.

Two producers that I’d like to highlight in this update: HuskerFarm and hogs_r_us. Over the past two days, they’ve used their blackberries to record minute or so videos of corn harvest. I pointed out HuskerFarm’s video in my last update, but he added another one today. hogs_r_us has a nice video of popcorn harvest, explaining that one acre of popcorn is 100,000 servings, with most of the U.S. popcorn harvest heading overseas. I’ve bumped Mark’s tweets to the top of the list so that you can find it easier.

A quick apology: I’ve done a terrible job of finding new farmers to follow lately . . . I’ll work on that this weekend. If you have any suggestions for growers who are tweeting harvest, please let me know.

Hope to be back Friday with an #onthefarm and then again over the weekend with any harvest tweet updates. Safe harvesting to our farmers out there. Yields are sounding good, from what is harvested, so I’m sure that’s keeping a few folks happy for the time being–just wish the moisture would go down a bit!

As always, your feedback on these posts is appreciated.



hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“looks like we have 3 days before another chance of rain we will try harvesting on some sandy ground today #farm #agchat #profood

“Just finished first side by side field trial DK64-79 281bu dry was best #agchat #hvst09 #farm – This something you don’t want to see from the combine cab!!” – Video of us harvesting twin row corn today 7th yr twin corn on corn” – Video of popcorn harvest #hvst09 may not make 2 #agchat tonight #farm #profood

“Needed a good day in the field before the rain but its not going to happen ran a corn head gear box out irritating!!”

“Just back from popcorn field trucks are full and we have 24 rows left. Rain is coming in and we can’t finish stinks! #hvst09 #agchat #farm”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“My first attempt at a harvest video from the combine with my Blackberry Tour. #harvest #farm #agchat

“Gonna pick some corn for the feedyard today if its under 18%. Then fill the dryer with 6 0r 7k bushel. Field today will be muddy!!”

“113 day dryland first planted on 11th of april running 20.5%”

“Trying to get going on popcorn. Needs to dry about 2 more points to harvest it. Irrigated corn yields are very good. Drying everything now” – Here is a little irrigated corn update from last night around 7:45 pm.” – Harvest update with a little help from my 5 yr. old son. #farm #agchat #harvest09

foodprovider, Iowa

 “Woot! Combined as many beans y’day as I have done whole month of October. Will be a good day again 2day.”

“Great day of bean harvest y’day. Moisture little high, but 130 acres harvested”

“Worked 19.5 hours y’day (& early this am) to bring #food to your table”

“11 am beans tested 16.3 got down to 13.5 by end of day”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“The sun is out this morning–oh I just hope it shines all week so that we can get out the food, feed, fuel and fiber for our country.”

‘I wish we could be tweeting from the combine–nope MUD is way to deep.”

“Chores are done-still too muddy to clean the pens and more rain in tomorrow’s forecast.Farmer1 thinks we’ll be in field this afternoon.”

“Wind is pickng up speed here ‘let it blow let it blow let it blow – and let the sun shine :) maybe #harvest09 will start again before Nov”

“Not in the field yet – but hopefull”

“No sun today–might try corn. Had to put dried greens out for the cattle in the pasture.”

zjhunn, Nebraska

“Getting a good 2nd consecutive day of #harvest in. Looks like we’ll get one more day before more rain sets in.”

“My 2-year-old is with me, giving me a running play-by-play of where the combine, other auger wagon, and trucks all are. And asking to drive.”

“I’m running an auger wagon, @cornfedfarmer is in the combine. We should get a good day in before the rain.”

“From NWS forecast discussion: All models and ensembles put gobs of rain over US & I cant think of a reason why it will not rain tonight.”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

 “Back at harvest. Corn hasn’t dried out any. Still running 23+ on monitor”

“our closest elevator just went to taking 25%. Havrnt seen any grain quality issues. Have one number that has stalk rot.”

“what we r on is ylding ok. Maybe had a Nitrogen issue. Either ran short or way we fertilized compacted a few rows”

“Areas of flat corn from t-storm downbursts. Pain to pick up but still yielding well

 FredPond, Ohio

 “Started running corn today. Moisture around 23. Planted in april. Yield in 175 area, still calibrating.

“Elevator is full of wet corn. On a positive note After Christmas shopping starts 2 months from today!”

“monitor showing a field avg thus far of 24.4. It’s a 110 day VT3 variety. Standing excellent. No ear drop”

“Fuel leak on combine. Took pic with BB, sent to JD dealer. They are on their way with repairs. Sweet

 kansfarmer, Kansas

“Combines rolling everywhere around here yesturday – rain tomorrow so will be hitting it hard again today #hvst09

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“Can’t get much done. RAIN AGAIN!”

“And now. Due to the high moisture corn coming out of the fields this year and the FM problems that it is creating in ADM elevators….”

“ADM elevators have adjusted our drying rates. Example: Corn comes in at 32% 2 pts @ $0.055 5pts @ $0.04 10 pts @ $0.0375”

“It was all $0.0375 What is your rate?”

“Its very foggy and wet. Waiting for it to dry a little so I can go play in the mud again. I’m now a blogger.

Ronniej104, Texas

“Checking the beef cows. Finding a few newborns. Sun is shining bright.”

“Sun shining but not for long. Dark blue clouds rolling in from West.”

hayseedmike. Iowa

“Tried some beans at 7pm 15.7% Elevator won’t take any over 14. Coop is full of wet corn how will I ever get done?”

“Dryer bins are full!”

mariclefarm, Nebraska

“Beans & Corn too wet to combine on our NE farm, but saw lots of combines in fields on way home”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“Trying to pick corn again today. Can’t get grain cart into field, combine cutting nice ruts, just pickin certain areas of field. Depressing”

“Everyone is pushing it a bit, watching a neighbor useing his 4- wheel drive tractor to pull his combine out, we may need it later!”

“Elevator closed at 1 today for wet corn, dosent help when a farmer brought in 2 loads in at 32% and 35% #hvt09

 akleinschmidt, Ohio

“Waiting in rain at elevator to dump corn load. Already probed fortunately.”

“Long day: harvest rained out at 5 pm – thought I could go home early. Nearly forgot about a watershed meeting at 6 p.m. No worries, made mtg”

“Nearly a half-inch of rain kept me out of the field today. I will resume plot harvest Thursday. Four big days I will be done w harvest”

Tykerman1, Nebraska

“Is honored to now be included in a winter storm watch with up 20 inches of snow. Who needs to pick corn this year? It’s hailed on anyway”

“Forecast tonight is for 100% chance of snow. Same for tomorrow. Pics at 11”

 tvfarmer. Illinois

“Its said the market is always right and the reason given for the big drop in prices today was expectations of drier weather. Not just yet.”

“More rain and drizzle today. Combines sitting idle. Lots of crop in the fields in Central Ill.

. 3 inches of rain in Central Ill. One ugly day here. Still raining.”

“Don’t know when combines will roll in Central Ill. Somebody will mud out crop tomorrow or Friday. Probably us, ughhh.”

“At last check Decatur basis on corn for Oct. is 10 over, Nov.1 it goes to 4 under. I’ll update.”

cottonfarmer, Georgia

“clouds and rain moving in. I speak for those who can not speak (cotton, peanuts, soybeans) enough is enough already!”

“Be careful what you pray for. 3 months ago we praying send rain, now stop rain! God looks down and saids “make up your mind.”

“sitting on the side of the road with blown tire on a loaded peanut wagon!”

“oh great it now raining! My day is complete”

“raining in s. ga. again. peanuts & cotton starting to hurt”

kjh_786, Wisconsin

“Started HIGH moist corn last night for a local dairy. 33% ave 200 bu so far. Still too wet for bean harvest. sunny today”

“another dreary day, but did get some very wet corn harvesred #harvest

march76, Indiana

“Corn harvest is back on today. Pigs are eating us out of house and home.#farm

“Going back to finish soybeans tomorrow. #hvst0911:59 AM Oct 26th from UberTwitter

“Even though we are spending a small fortune on LP gas I do love drying corn in the fall.”

“Business end of our continuous-flow #corn dryer.

“Productivity has officially ground to a halt. Cut gas line to corn dryer trenching in a new elec. service.” “Been sprinkling most of morning.”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“Early results from Oklahoma and North Texas show good cotton yields. Even better than expected with some strong new varieties.”

“More weather helping the winter crops get established. Slowing harvest of the summer crop. so goes farming. Winter canola doing great.”

minnemom, Minnesota

“Corn is dryer than expected (24-25%) and yielding better than expected. First bright spot we’ve had in harvest this year. #farm”

“Harvesting corn for 3rd day in a row.  That’s absolutely amazing this year. #hvst09”