Harvest Tweet Wrap, Nov. 26-Nov. 30

Well, harvest is winding down in the Midwest. Judging from the tweets, most people in Nebraska and Iowa have finished or are pretty close to finishing. Illinois farmers have really took it on the chin this fall. Many are in the fields when they normally wouldn’t be (i.e., muddy fields). Check out tweets from JacksonFarms, CoryRitter and jilib for how bad things have been. Their photos are somewhat depressing. Or as cornwuff put it, “frightening.”

And more rain and snow is forecasted for central Illinois this week. Ugh.

Farmers’ work doesn’t end when the crop is out. Some are drying. Some are hauling. And some are applying nitrogen for next year’s crop. I’ll try to stay on top of tweets for fieldwork to provide updates. Maybe we can call it “offseason tweet wrap.”

Best wishes to those still in the fields.


OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“It was a good weekend for sorghum harvest in Oklahoma where dry. Some combines running late into the day around Enid OK today.”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Actually found a field where I could use grain cart with corn standing. However I have about 120 acres that might take a while. Good week???”

 “I like it when we get so busy on the farm we can’t remember what day of the week it is and don’t even really care. Just happy to be working”

“Good day harvesting. I need about two weeks like today and I think we could get it done this year. Yields holding up very well.”

“Pleased with a good run today harvesting corn. Then I looked at what we have left to do. One day at a time……”

kansfarmer, Kansas

“Looks like open week for fieldwork, dry enough we should be able to run nh3 and also spread “all-natural organic fertilizer””

mariclefarm, Nebraska

“Still in #harvest mode, thankful the drying bin is still working.”

SJO13, South Dakota

“Still working on corn harvest less then 100 acres to go ! Latest South Dakota report is 60% of crop still in the field #hvst09

brokfldpumpkins, Maryland  

“Combined some corn and soybeans this weekend…still going today until the rain comes”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Went from 1 of wettest Octobers on record 2 one of driest Novembers. Don’t like Nebraska weather? Wait a minute, it’ll change #agchat

“Currently shredding stalks and preparing fields for next springs planting season. Lots of compaction to fix from a wet harvest #farm #agchat

“Figuring up farm yields today, marketing corn, chiseling ends of fields, selling Producers Hybrids seed corn, and accounting work. #farm

hayseedmike, Iowa

“The end is near! Of harvest that is. 100 ac. to go.”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

“Slow day of harvest. Taking cousins corn to a neighbor’s drying bin. Thank goodness for XM to listen to OU vs OSU and my blackberry”

“So my almost 4 year old has pretty much figured out how to run the combine. Haven’t decided if I will let him run it full time next year:)”

cornwuff, Illinois

“Hmmm. Not what you want to see with as much corn left to harvest as we have. #farm #ag #harvest http://twitpic.com/r0b2i

“Dad upgraded this year. New tractor and his first ever grain cart. Full crew to run it all today too! #farm http://twitpic.com/rb9zx

“Feel like a real farmer today. Running the grain cart while dad combines and hired help Jeff trucks. #farm

“Very muddy today. #farm http://twitpic.com/rbjj8

“10 mile move to the next farm. New field, new mud. #farm http://twitpic.com/rcid9

“Corn at the home #farm field averaged 158 bushels per acre. Good for that farm and the weather it had to deal with this year.”

“Too much mud. Almost got stuck. We’ve given up dumping on the move in this #farm field http://twitpic.com/rcxtv

“Filled up the dryer bin and combining in mud and water in the dark sucks, so we are done for the night. Not a bad day. #farm

jcmerts, Colorado

“A lot of irrigated corn still standing. Harvest in full swing though. Counted 30 muddy combines going in 70 mile drive two days ago.”

at_the_farm, Missouri

“Been shelling corn today. Was able to do the wife/mom thing & go shopping at 4am! #farmfriday

“Here’s to corn harvest…Did ya know: There are about 600 kernels on each ear of corn. #farmfriday

“And another…> Here’s to corn harvest…Did ya know:1 bushel of corn will sweeten more than 400 cans of soda. #farmfriday

CWFarms, Iowa

“Im down to the last 30 acreshope to finish tommorow #hvst09 #farm 

“We are officially done with #Harvest 09 as of 4:30 it feels great on to pullin soil samples and if it drys enough a little tillage work”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“A first for me too! RT @kevinpaap: first time I have ever heard Christmas songs on the combine radio! This long harvest needs to get over”

#harvest is going along super slooooow. Some of our #corn is ankle tall and no reel on the cornhead makes for a long day. #hvst09 #farm

“Down corn took today. corn. http://pic.gd/ec5c64 #hvst09 #harvest #farm #ag

“Why I quit #harvest till tomorrow and to see some family before they went back home. http://pic.gd/a71a3d #hvst09 #farm #ag

I’m down to 2 1/2 fields left to #harvest. Could take 2 day or 2 weeks. I would bet on 2 weeks not 2 days. #hvst09 #corn #ag #farm

“Not while were still harvesting please. RT @klincos: Still waiting for first snowfall here in Central Illinois.”

“How about a new corn line from Monsanto. Water proof! http://tweetphoto.com/5559743 #hvst09


“This is what harvest is like this year. #hvst09 http://tweetphoto.com/5560391

“Elevator don’t open till 10 today. Hope to get this field done before rain gets here”

“No wake zone! http://tweetphoto.com/5561024 #hvst09

“Why I don’t like down corn. Its dangerous! http://twitpic.com/riodq

 “Arriving at my last corn field to harvest. It sets 3/4 mile off paved road. http://twitpic.com/rnay1 http://twitpic.com/rnb24 #hvst09

“I should get corn finished tomorrow. Then a few acres of soybeans left to get.”

kevinpaap, Minnesota

“first time I have ever heard Christmas songs on the combine radio! This long harvest needs to get over”

“has 12 rows of corn left to harvest.”

“finally cold enough outside to be able to do tillage in the cornfield. I love the nightshift!”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“We are going to try picking today, haven’t seen anyone going yet, someone got to be the first, well see how this goes!”

“Little wet, cutting ruts, but time to get this corn out! http://twitpic.com/r6ygi

#harvest09 is all about seeing how little we can get done in a day, picking 1/4 mile rows and just 6 rows, trying 2 keep combine light.”

“Dumping trucks, adding push water to combine and then the race is on. Hope to have another good day.”

“Never thought I be picken corn at the end of November that was 22.3% maybe it all the mud that is making it that wet #hvst09

“I swear we only have break downs on the combine after everything has closed. Oh well done till morning.”

“Had one of our more productive days didn’t start pickin till 11:30 and will get 90 acres done today. Snow, rain in forcast for Wed.”

jilib, Illinois

“3 generations of Meisenheimer family, attempting (ohmy it’s wet here) to pick corn n few minutes. #food #family #mud :-)”

“My cousin from Ga brought her little boys by-they rode n the combine w Curt.They were so happy about it, I forgot we’re ‘STILL’ n the fld.”

“A gr8 sunshiny day! Perfect day 4 #hrvst09! Nothings that easy- Creek crossing vs us, we are not winning-at the moment.”

“Unloading corn. My new favorite way to spend a Saturday night! http://tweetphoto.com/5530760

“Curt picking corn,Zacs hauling n.I did chores then watchd a Hallmark movie & researching 4 a golf course n N IL 4 gift cert. Rain coming :(.”

http://twitpic.com/rgfun – Fun in the mud. (NOT)”

http://twitpic.com/rgfw0 – Glad we only took one combine down there. This was yesterday.”

http://twitpic.com/rgfzx – Got Mud? we do”

“It’s raining, #harvest09 the never ending saga continues.”

“Curt’s going to finish the field he is in (Pioneer test wagon there corn is 17.3, 211 bpa) 1.5 mi from bins (poured) he got sprinkles only!!”

“Then we have 2 fields left that we can’t get into either of. So, will go help BIL with his if we can.”

“over tweeting here but Im amazed at how well the corn was standing 2day (tw, moisture, bpa 2) we’ve had some NOT so good but GRATEFUL 4 this”

“Curt grd feed then worked cows, Zac helpd haul 135 ton of rock 2 the crossing 2 b fixed. 2 flds left 4 #hrvst09 -day after 2moro?? Hope!”

Agridome, Ontario

“Hopefully rapping up corn harvest next week……..December!”

“Corn harvest continues near Dresden Ontario…..now 50 acres left.. http://tweetphoto.com/5533380

“Last few rows of corn on this farm….with Jackson Seed Service in the background near Dresden Ontario.. http://tweetphoto.com/5533473

“Last few rows of corn on this farm….with Jackson Seed Service in the background near Dresden Ontario.. http://tweetphoto.com/5533530

“Beautiful SW Ontario day in last November….loading corn near Dresden Ontario” “http://tweetphoto.com/5533691

“Raining Again…harvest window closing because snow is coming……”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

http://twitvid.com/C4686 – Happy Thanksgiving!! Watch this video of little hams from our #farm this morning #thankafarmer #agchat

http://twitvid.com/2EDDB – This is the right thanksgiving video of little hams from this morning”

“Every body on our family #farm will be working today trying to make up for the short day yesterday and weekend coming up. #blackfriday

foodprovider, Iowa

“Will be doing pig chores, then harvesting corn until supper. Then we will celebrate Thanksgiving”

“Need to make repairs on combine before we can get started today. #hvst09

“Yday morning, 3 generations of Ver Steeg’s working on corn harvest. That’s what modern family farming is all about! #food

“Enjoyed spending the last 3 days harvesting corn with my 13 yr old son. He ran the grain cart for me.”

http://twitpic.com/rgbzv – Great Daddy time in the combine yesterday. #food #farm #family

“No, November has been dry and mild temps. Got a couple tenths of rain Monday night. 130 acres of corn left.”

“FARMING……the original “Green” job. Support family farmers!”



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