Harvest Tweet Wrap, Nov. 12-17

Aplogies for taking nearly a week to get up another Harvest Tweet Report. Things are finishing up in most parts of the country, though Missouri and Illinois (and now southern Iowa, I think) are experiencing 48 hours of rain. With more in the forecast. Ugh. The moisture is coming down a smidge, it appears, with some farmers reporting sub-20 percent corn this week. Still not good, but much better than the 25-30 percent we were seeing through late October and early November. Yields seem solid, despite the weather too. Now it’s getting it dried down (if you have on-farm dryers) and to the elevator. And some are even having trouble getting it to the elevators, with several Illinois farmers reporting early closures.

I hope to have at least one more report before Thanksgiving. Let’s hope our farmers can at least take a day off for that . . . unfortunately, our Illinois friends may be in the combine working on Turkey Day and beyond.

Hang in there, everyone.

Thanks for reading,


zjhunn, Nebraska

“Making some good progress with corn #harvest. Moisture still 20%+ most of the time. Yields good, 220-230 field averages”

gilmerdairy, Alabama

“It’s a beautiful day…the weather is great and I’ve got the grain drill rolling.”

“Time to fire up the ol’ 4255 and drill some rye.”

“Today I started planting our spring forages…learn more in our newest GDF MooTube Minute (# 011) http://bit.ly/PN5SA

cornwuff , Illinois

“Tweeting from the tractor cab is hard. I have a neat video to upload later! Putting on NH3 fertilizer today. #farm #ag

“At home in a seat that isn’t bouncing wildly. Here’s my NH3 application video from the tractor cab. http://j.mp/vklSA #farm #ag”

“Corn plot harvest is complete. Winner is Agrigold 6309VT3 with 227bu/acre at 23% moisture. Pretty good! #farm #ag

jilib, Illinois  

“talkd 2 frnd sm farmers no #hvst09 4 few daze 4 them.Corns 24+, Only option ship direct but dock so much so waiting.I’m grateful 4 storage”

“I’m picking corn, zac’s hauling across the road-testing 19,aprox 200 bpa,curts putting on anhyrous. Hope all having a gr8 day!”

“Rain coming this afternoon (& 4 3 days :-() hoping 4 a good corn picking day up until then.”

“Its raining enuff 2 stop harvest shortly. Now,watching a meeting of the minds-zac/betterway & fil/oldway. I’m the only 1 smiling.”

Lathamcornguy, Iowa  

“A few farmers in southern fayette county will b finishing harvesting this weekend!!”

FredPond, Ohio  

“Putting some equipment away this morning, never thought that would happen this year”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“The good thing about the elevators closing early is I got over 600 acres of disk ripping done. #hrvst #harvest #ag #farm

“This weather doesn’t look to good for finishing up with #harvest.”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma  

“Wet again! Harvest stopped on Saturday due to damp conditions. Watching cotton and soybean quality and so far we are good in Oklahoma.”

“Sorghum yields better than expected late harvest in Oklahoma. Many well above 60 bu. in areas that average far less.”

“Headed to south central Texas to check on this years performance of corn, cotton and soybeans. Will report what I see along the way.”

“Central Texas cotton near 80% harvested and wet. Color grades not so good. Farmers looking forward to next year. Acres stable.”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Hearing of propane shortages for some farmers drying corn.At least another 3 weeks worth of drying corn around Central Ill.? June corn @ 23%”

“Could be a slow week for Harvest. Forecast for 1 to 3″ of rain in Central Ill. Ugghhh. Better get after it, what day is it ?”

“From Decatur to Champaign very few beans left. Half of the corn out +or – 10%. Decent amount of tillage ,however we are usually done by now”

“If we get much rain, fall annhydrous application might be over for this year.”

“2″ of rain at our farm in Cental Ill. Harvest will wait a little longer. About 50% corn harvested here. Farmers can get about 20% a week.”

“Wow, more heavy rain overnight. Don’t even want to look at gauge, wouldn’t make any difference anyway. Central Ill. a mess”

“Record? Over 13″ of rain in our guage in Central Ill. in the last 6 weeks. 3.4″ since Sunday noon.”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“We should finshes beans today, and get back to corn. It has tried a lot! We have not had many break downs this yr, untill the last 2 days!”

“We have finally finshed soybeans! I am picking corn by myself try to fill all the trucks for the drivers to get n line 1st thing in morning”

“Trying to pick corn, all trucks in line at the elevator, sitting here with full grain cart and combine. We will go to bins when they close”

“Long lines at elevator, shut us off at 1. Each truck got 4 loads in last truck was in line at 12:45 won’t get dumped till about 2:30.”

“Well, got dad in combine today. Wife and I in Lamaze class. When we signed up I thought we would be done pickin! Baby due Jan 15 our 1st

farmerbart, Nebraska  

“Finishing up hauling manure! Headed back to picking corn. I hope it has dried some. Corn in the area still running 20 plus! Lots left!”

kansfarmer, Kansas  

“Wow, several inches of snow on the ground and still falling heavily – #thankful havest is mostly over and some needed slow time upcoming”

foodprovider, Iowa

“Found 19% corn y’day. Foggy and misting out today. Not sure if combine will roll. #hvst09

Looks like a great day to be out in the combine. #hvst09

agmatters, Illinois

“A farmer rainy day project at harvest–moving grain. Lots of mud and not enuf dry coats. #ag

Asian lady bugs invaded r weather station. No idea of rainfall, obviously more than the .67 it shows. Looks more like 2 inches +?. #09hrvst

at_the_farm, Missouri

“working on finishing up beans today! Can’t haul to elevator cause they r all full”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Rolling on corn in foggy/misty conditions. 480 acres to go, but elevators and feedyard want dry corn now.”

“320 acrers of corn left to go. Light at the end of the tunnel!!! Yields have been outstanding considering the amount of hail we’ve had. #fb

Tykerman1, Nebraska  

“Had a good day of corn picking. Not too hard when it got hailed on so bad. My cell phone, not working so well.”

“got 160 acres left, but it is still wet and muddy. Corn laying down from all the hail, some 75% damage”

“Woke up to an inch of snow, it melted as fast as it arrived. Was told we had 36″ of snow in October.”

“still have 400 acres of millet in windrows on the ground, that might be there til March or April.”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“Working on a big problem 2 finish harvest. Our electric 100hp motor that runs our dryer quit high $$ placement 4 a wk #foodchat #hvst09

mariclefarm, Nebraska

“5000 bu DRY corn delivered, wish we had more drying bin space #harvest

brokfldpumpkins, Maryland

“Brookfield Harvest Update: full season beans are done, 180 acres of corn to go, 12 acres of wheat cover crop to plant..we r getting there”

“Another 100 acres corn done. Ave 20% w/ way more bu than we expected. Let the great grain shuffle begin! #09hvst

“Good weather projected the next few days…harvesting to be done!”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Corn harvest in full swing finally – moisture running 19.5 to 20.5%–not too bad given the year.”

“Combining corn when we started moisture was 19% & it’s moved 2 22%…no choice but 2 combine & put in bin (will have 2 B managed carefully)”

“8 yr old son tells me he’s driving the combine more than his uncle–we start them early on the farm.”

“Just finished another field of corn – ran about 19-20″% moisture–but it filled the bin. WOO HOOO”

CWFarms, Iowa

“Well we finally got over the halfway mark on corn harvest hope the second half goes as well as the first”

FaistFarmsInc , Michigan

“36V53 – 301.724 bushels/acre http://bit.ly/2KWaCq



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