Harvest Tweet Wrap, Nov. 9-11

Well, for good reason, I think farmers are more focused on harvesting than posting Twitter updates this week. Most of the Midwest has had decent weather, so the combines are rolling. According to the USDA Crop Progress report on Nov. 9, soybean harvest picked up quickly, from 51 percent last week to 75 percent this week. However, the five-year average is usually 92 percent at this time of the year. Corn harvest is also behind. It’s usually 82 percent complete, but it’s at 37 percent. Cotton harvest is also slow. Forty-four percent of the cotton acres are harvested, compared with 59 for the five-year average.

So progress is being made. But moisture in beans and corn is still high. Hope the crop continues to dry down for everyone. And best wishes for high yields and a safe end to harvest.

Thanks for reading again.


at_the_farm, Missouri           

“Would have been done w/ beans today BUT,,,,elevators are full. Average wait in line is 3 hours. Def need more on farm storage.”

“Hit some beans yesterday that made less than 20 bu/ac. I was literally sick 2 stomach & had 2 unplug header. Dam group 4 beans & early frost”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“Last week was big for weed control in winter canola. Sprayed when the wind slowerd. On time for majority of crop. Starting to canopy rows.”

“Oklahoma cotton. Need a week of dry weather and cotton harvest can move north. Quality and yield in central Oklahoma better than average”

“Oklahoma Canola. Low insect pressures at this time. Few acres to treat. Mid November through early February is fertilizer season”

mariclefarm, Nebraska  

#hvst09 Beautiful wknd, finished soybean #harvest, Corn moisture in one field “down” to 21, kids get to help combine today”

kansfarmer, Kansas  

“Looks like another mostly open week for fall harvest/field work – very thankful for that after slow start #hvst09” 

“Just finished corn harvest a few minutes ago, 60 acres of sunflowers left and #hvst09 will be complete!”

akleinschmidt, Ohio

“Here are the numbers for my plots: 108 acres of corn averaged 189.9 bpa (dry) and 112 acres of soybeans averaged 59.0 bpa (dry).”

“I was pleasantly surprised with corn. I had a few corn plots that didn’t do great but overall avg yield was much higher than I expected.”

SJO13 , South Dakota

“Soybean Harvest done – Yah, Looks like most in N Central SD finished over the weekend, no line at the elevator this AM #hvst09

Agridome, Ontario

“Beautiful harvest weather, best of the fall season. ..some SW Ont elevators not taking corn …soybeans coming out of the woodwork”

“Ontario going to hit 250 million plus corn bushels…….Market Trends for November will be published in one week at www.ontariocorn.org

“Good things come to those who wait……..best harvest weather of the season means soys come off dry…corn harvest beckons….”

“Started corn harvest today….corn testing 22% moisture, 200 plus bu/acre yields near Dresden Ontario”

“2009 Ontario corn crop mimicking 1992 Ontario corn crop…light test weights, Grade 3,4,5 and sample grade as you move north..”

“Low test weight , poor quality Ont, Quebec corn in 2009 must be showing up in the northern states too….it obviously means lower yield”

“Corn in extreme SW Ontario, Kent, Essex Cty..200 bu plus, grade 2, will be needed to blend in with lower test weight corn as we move north”

“View from my Combine Cab near Dresden Ontario….corn testing 21%.. http://pic.gd/9c1084

Lathamcornguy, Iowa

“From 27 to 23 percent in one week. Getting some much needed late season drying in!”

FarmerHaley, Ohio

“Agreed, Beans R done on our farm, working on conrn”

“My 89 Year old Grandfather is having fun plowing 2day!”

“Busy day trying to haul corn away from the combine fast enough! finding some corn below 20% after that nice stretch of weather!”

Tykerman1, Nebraska  

“Bean harvest in western Nebraska progressing rapidly. Great strides over the past 5 days and forecast is favorable. #harvest #farm #ag

“Corn harvest picking up pace as moisture levels drop below 20%. Fields getting dry enough to only get stuck in the low spots. #harvest

iamafarmer2, Nebraska  

“It’s official our 5th gen. family farm is done with soybeans for #hrvst09–WOO HOOOOO :)”

“A beautiful morning on the farm http://twitpic.com/ozudh

“Oops had to hang the laundry first-is it really November 10th? Gorgeous day for corn #hrvst09. Still trying to get the dryer bin working.”

tvfarmer, Illinois  

“Beans getting knocked out. Still many to go. We should finish this week. Heard that corn is still carry moisture near 30% north Ill. ???”

“Soybeans going out fast in Central Ill. Another good day today. Don’t believe I have harvested any beans under 11% moisture this year!”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska  

“Nothing like a wide open space w/ beautiful sunset in So Cent NE http://pic.gd/cb8514

“Finished another fld. Great yld. Don’t know if I have enough fuel to make it to home though”

farmerbart, Nebraska  

“Hauling liquid hog manure today. My 4 year old telling me the benefits of “feeding back to the corn and making it grow better”. Smart kid!”

“We hual manure using the latest tech. GPS, variable rate, mapping, and auto steer to enusre proper agronomic rates. http://pic.gd/ac9c1f

HuskerFarm, Nebraska  

“Almost 100 acres out today. Dealing with some lines at elevator. Corn running 19-19.5%. Yields are good. Lot of progress around here.”

FredPond, Ohio  

“Working soybean ground near the Elevator. Looks like the long lines are down to just a memory of #harvest09.”

“Harvest at a virtual stop due to DRY weather. Farmers jumping to tillage. Elevator sitting empty.”

“If we don’t get some rain soon I am going to lose my entire wheat crop. (Just kidding). Typical farmer”

cottonfarmer, Georgia  

“Wow rain is coming to the end. N. GA got the most 4-6 inches. Dooly county got about 1.8 in.”

jilib, Illinois  

“We’re having a gr8 day w #hrvst09 corn . When I got home Zac & I put up part of elec fence 2 turn cows out on stalks-latest in the year ever”

“Had 2 get curt off combine 2 help us across the creek-im not balanced enuff 4 that yet. 3 places across the creek http://pic.gd/e9a18d

“seed beans being hauld out 2moro-that’ll free up a bin 4 corn,awsm.My BFFs hauling n 2 HogInc (elevator)no1 else n line-has 2 b under 18 thr”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska  

“We’ve had a good start to the wk all our field away from home are done corns running 17mo #hvst09 #agchat #farm

foodprovider, Iowa  

“One load of pig manure left to haul. Then focus on corn harvest. #hvst09

“Sun in the sky & a nip in the air. Great day to get back to corn harvest. #hvst09

JacksonFarms, Illinois  

“Hows #harvest going 4 everyone? I’ve about 2 weeks left 2 go if weather holds. Getting less 100 acres a day sucks.#hrvst #farm #ag

agmatters, Illinois  

“It better rain just a little..put in 18 hr day just 2 get those dirty beans done. Need serious nap but bills piled up during wk #harvest.”

“Ahh just a bit of rain. Thanks Lord. You can stop now. I’ll get office work caught up now! The boss will get eq ready for corn.”


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