Harvest Tweet Wrap, Nov. 5-8

It was a crazy day at the office because Monsanto had a big announcement, so I apologize this post is really already a day old. But, I thought some may find it useful.

Lots of action in the fields this weekend, so this was one of the biggest harvest tweet wraps I’ve done. Good to see some progress being made, even though farmers are still playing catch up.

OK, well, off to relax for the evening. Thanks for reading and best wishes to all of those still trying to harvest this fall. Be careful out there.




OkieAgMan, Oklahoma   

“Met with people from across Oklahoma today in OKC at the annual Ag Retailers Meeting. Canola looks good everywhere. Needs weed control.”

“Canola had a few armyworms in September in southern Oklahoma. Cool wet weather prevented larger outbreak. Keep scouting for worms and bugs.”

“Some great soybean yields coming in this week. If they were late on bugs, weeds or fungi it hurt them much more than average in 2009.”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Just got in from combining by moonlight–wish there were more hours in the day right now”

“Back in the grain cart again.”

“Trying to read hand signals frm the combine farmer in a fog of soybean dust — not easy”

“Just got in from harvesting a great crop of chicken feed, pork feed and cooking oil or maybe I should just call it vegies and oil :)”

“We had a bin fire Monday morning & the firemen R back out 2nite – cnt seem 2 get it out 4 gd.Please use extra caution w/ dryers.”

“Thank goodness for the sunshine-the dust is now flying. Harvesting the vegies and oil. http://pic.gd/1a9fd1

“Air conditioner is going on and the dust is flying–is this still the same #hrvst09

“So we have cattle coming from MT this am and harvest to do — it’s going to be a very busy day on the #farm

“Combine has been rollin most the weekend and have 1 more field to go–Wooo HOOOOO”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

When all that frost melted the stalks got really wet!

 “Almost all elevator around here R on short hrs(4 hrs a day), so it’s hard 2 get a lot of harvesting done. Its still very wet.#harvest #corn

“Our bins are almost full and all the elevators closed early so we quit. #harvest #farm #ag

brokfldpumpkins, Maryland

“Putting lime on our fields today to raise the pH…and still combining!”

“Planting wheat today and through the weekend…the weather is working in our favor so we have to keep on chugging along!”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Nice Breeze today. Fields and corn need it badly. This weather is a month late but I will take it.Tough going with soft fields.”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Picking pocorn that did not get hail. Plant health and yield are outstanding. Popcorn has made my poor soils turn profits. #farm

CoryRitter, Illinois

“Heavy frost here in central IL, late start for beans and local elevator closing @ 11:00 am for all day!”

“Cutting beans this morning, fill trucks and grain cart, sit and wait for elevator to open. Open at 1 for beans and18% and under 4 corn.”

“Had a Great day cutting today, got started by 10:00 am quit @ 8:00 pm got about 150+ cut. Feels good having good productive days 4 a change”

“While cutting beans last night, we ran a skunk through the combine, everything still stinks this morning!”

kjh_786, Wisconsin

#harvest Another sunny day, Corn is still wet (25-35%) ear molds everywhere. SB harvest still slow moistures upto 16% yet. Sunny weekend.”

SJO13, South Dakota

“Soybean harvest going well in SD, most producers could be done by the weekend #hvst09

jilib, Illinois

“Beans tough after heavy frost-pickin corn 4 a while-Today should b done w beans.Corn is 17.5-we’ve had none that dry,hope not only dry fld”

“Bean #harvest09 over, for us today-a good day. They started picking corn about 5-the last load went 19, were ok with that-hope it last :-)”

“We’re picking corn taking 2 dryr bins cn put abt 4500 n e of them,w stirator-when dry will trnsfr 2 another bin, so far all under 20 (yeah)”

“The corn that had flood damage-what a dusty mess-reel is picking the corn up well but- but so dirty.

frnds dn the road could b done n 2-3 days-but w elevator closin early & the 2 closest elevators won’t take corn over 19”

“The corn we took out today was 15.9. It’s a flattened dirty dusty mess-it was where the creek got out-used a reel on the corn head.”

farmerbart, Nebraska

“Harvest high moisture corn 4 neighbor today. 28 moisture great ylds. Also str injecting all natural fertilzer today. Hog manure liquid gold”

at_the_farm, Missouri

“Fields that we had 2 work this Spring r 2 wet! Deep ruts & water standing. Most no-til bean fields r done! 4 GOOD days & we r done w/ beans!”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“We had a small fire in our combine this morning couldn’t find the source so were cleaning it up going back to field #agchat #farm

“Left my 16 & 21yr sons to put the combine back together tonight hopefully it will be ready to run by morning #agchat #farm #hvst09

“Stoped harvest early so we can attend a banquet celibrating 51yr of Gods failthfulness to our local Christian School Nebraska Christian”

“We have been in some nice dry corn last couple of days 15-18mo, irrigated ylds still running + 20bu better than avg #hvst09 #agchat

CWFarms, Iowa

“Corn harvest seems to be going good need more sun heat and wind to dry this crop down findin a little bit of corn thats dry”

cornwuff, Illinois

“At dad’s farm, playing seed salesman and calibrating his yield monitor. Here comes the combine! http://twitpic.com/odzkb

“Still In the field with a customer weighing soybeans. A beautiful sunset just occured. http://twitpic.com/oes6d

“Busy day at the co-op. #farm #ag http://twitpic.com/oikyj

“In the field on a beautiful Saturday morning. http://twitpic.com/omwfo

“The view from my tractor seat. #farm #ag http://twitpic.com/osu6e

FredPond, Ohio

“Local elevator full of wet corn. Nov. 6 and still some 29% corn. Wish Al Gore would pay my drying bill”

“Finished corn harvest last night. Best yields in corn and beans ever. Always enjoy harvest season, consider it a more relaxed time.”

“For me it back to work in the seed business, meetings, sales, bagging seed. Already 2 weeks behind, planting season on 4.5 months out!”

Lathamcornguy, Iowa

“15 pods on a 4″ section of hail damaged beans. they were cut @ within 5 inches of the soil during the storm west of West Union Resiliency!”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

“Just did interview w/ @USATODAY about NE being wet vs yrs of drought. Love talking farming from the cab of a combine.”

“Is there any better sight then the deep orange-yellow of Pioneer corn coming out of a green John Deere during harvest?”

“Picking dryland corners that are still running 20%+ moisture. Not sure if I am actually accomplishing anything”

zjhunn, Nebraska

“I’m out harvesting popcorn for your future movie-viewing pleasure. #harvest

“Still picking popcorn. Did 5700+ #/acre on an 80 this afternoon. Improved planting #technology and good soil practices pay off.”

“This one was popcorn on popcorn, we were a little surprised how well it did.”

“Saw a pretty diverse #harvest operation this morning: green and red combines, orange and green tractors, blue and red auger wagons”

“Popcorn #harvest is in the books. Now on to Lincoln for #Huskers#Sooners

Tykerman1, Nebraska

“Maybe we will get cranked up on corn harvest today. Moistures still in the low twenties on most of this. #farm #harvest

kevinpaap, Minnesota

“is driving trucks, Andy is in the grain cart, Owen is combining soybeans and Julie is in the V-ripper. Good day today!”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

http://twitvid.com/0C8D7 – Popcorn harvest update with my daughter and her song “Combine” to the tune of Rawhide.”

“Finished up on the popcorn tonight. Order yours at http://bit.ly/CrKsF Yellow corn tomorrow. Taking my wife to the NU-Oklahoma game.”

“Back to picking some corn this afternoon.”

hayseedmike, Iowa

“Sitting in a line from hell at the local elevator!!!”

“Got done with beans today now only 3 weeks of corn left”

kansfarmer, Kansas

“First field of sunflowers 7% moisture, tried another field we’d rather cut — still 15-20%, but good drying weather Finally!! #hvst09

“Lessened the pile of office paperwork this morning, headed out to haul corn this afteroon. Elevators filling up around here #hvst09

agmatters, Illinois

“More beans today. Hoping 2 cut more @ 5.5-6 mph. Feels like ur flying after 3.8. Bushels holding well n 60 range. #09hrvst

foodprovider, Iowa

“Should get finished harvesting #soybeans 2day. #hvst09

 “Soybean harvest is officially done for this NW #Iowa modern, family farmer. #food #farm #hvst09

“Was happy to have my 10yr old son ride in combine for 5 hours w/ me last night. #food #family #farm

“Farm wives r the best for everything they put up with during harvest, mine included. #food #farm

“Enjoy watching the wild life out in the fields while harvesting. Deer, fox, pheasants, hawks, mice……. #hvst09 #food #farm

“Manure hauling still running strong. End is in sight. #hvst09

“Happily worked 95 hours this week to bring #food to your table. #farm

“Spent 13 hrs working w/ my 13 yr old son on our modern family #farm y’day. When we were driving home he said “This was a REALLY FUN day!””

http://twitpic.com/otdf7 – We send soil samples to @MidwestLabs to test for pH. This is lime to spread to raise pH on my #farm #food

“In the process of switching combine from soybeans to corn. #food #farm

 FarmerHaley, Ohio

“back to shelling corn today and making the last cutting of hay for the year…..going to be a busy afternoon!”

http://twitpic.com/osbzd – Wrapping balage”

 cottonfarmer, Georgia

“will we might as well have hurricane party in th cotton field.”


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