Harvest Tweet Wrap, Oct. 31-Nov. 3

Here’s the harvest tweet wrap from Oct. 31-Nov. 3. I know I missed a couple days (Oct. 29-30), so I apologize. But this wrap makes up for it. It’s huge, and I think nearly every state in the Corn Belt is represented for this one.

Things picked up quite a bit the past three days. It appears soybeans may be close to being complete for many farmers on Twitter. The problem for many farmers is still moisture in corn. Oh, and the inability to get in the field.  I don’t think I’ve come across any farmer with moisture at less than 20 percent. But we have some dry weather forecasted for most of the Midwest the rest of this week. Just hope it warms up and dries the ground so the combines can get in there at full force.

I never got around to following more farmers on Twitter this weekend . . .  I found a few new ones for this wrap, but I need to block some time over the next couple days to catch up. If you have any recommendations for follows, let me know. And as always, let me know how I can improve this.

Take it easy, but take it,


mariclefarm, Nebraska

“Great day yesterday-Laura brought sorority sisters to the farm-horses, 4 wheelers, & bonfire. You’re all welcome anytime to visit our #farm”

“We are still a few days from starting corn.”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“Just finished my popcorn. Combined through standing water. What an Oct Lord willing Nov will be dryer #agchat #hvst09 #farm”

“Were having a good day in bros. Field could use another truck doing some waiting. High quality popcorn excellent yld #agchat #hvst09 #farm”

“Nothing like finishing a good day off harvest with clear skies and a full moon. #hvst09 #agchat #farm”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Cleaning combine for popcorn so everyone can enjoy it at the theater.  Must clean combine thoroughly for food grade harvest!!!  Farmers care”

“Started on the popcorn today. COmbine is set well. just need it to dry down .5% and we can keep going.  Hopefully by noon tomorrow.”

agleader, California

“Finished cotton harvest yesterday.  Rain did some damage to grades, but all in all ok. Yield was above average. Nice to be done.”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“The sun shined all day today – a great day on the #farm. Hoping combine will run again tomorrow.”

“Hoping to combine soon. Asian beetles everywhere–do townsfolk have them? They are awful–but thankful for the warmth so we can harvest.”

“Combines running every direction one looked this afternoon-what a great day for the whole country.”

“Thought we would combine after dinner/lunch. But sun didn’t come out like forecast predicted – no combining yet. #harvest09

“Headed to the grain cart – won’t be able to participate in #agchat–might be able to lurk. Have a great one.”

“Sitting in the grain cart,2combines doing 75 feet-harvest 09 rocking woo hoo”

kansfarmer, Kansas

“Not a chance of rain in forecast, looks like we will finally have most open harvest week of the season! #hvst09

FredPond, Ohio

“Back in the corn field this morning. 105 corn running about 26% moisture, May planting.”

“Moonrise from the combine http://pic.gd/5df685

mzfarmads. Iowa

“Harvest started rolling Sat. and Sun. Watched neighbor running, going OK but only 1 hopper at a time on the grain cart”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“Some #harvest pics if they work. http://pic.gd/56cf75

“More #harvest pics. http://pic.gd/18fd56 http://pic.gd/03aa3e

“I’m in a #harvest rut. http://pic.gd/63ef36

“Wet #corn is sticky. #harvest http://pic.gd/f867ab

“The sun tried to come out after the flood. http://pic.gd/696987

jilib, Illinois

“Corn 2day-Beans 2morrow– gr8 2 type that! #Hvst09 #farm

CoryRitter, Illinois

“Back at it today, picking a field we split so we don’t have to get the grain cart in, little sloppy, cuttin ruts, but it is Nov. 2 no choice”

“Got a semi stuck today, know of 4 combines and 3 grain carts in the area that got stuck also. Think farmers are ready to get harvest done”

“Sec. Of State SUV pulled in to elevator, sat for 3 min or so then pulled out. Last thing we need when we can get corn picked for once!”

MartinFarms, Illinois

“Looks like a good forecast, maybe we can continue harvest by mid-week. Still a lot of water standing in the fields.”

“finally back to the field for a few days. looks like good week ahead”

agmatters, Illinois

“Area farmers will be attacking corn fields today despite slimy conditions. #harvest

“Filled the drier full of corn so off to beans today. 1st step-cleanout combine so no cross contamination for nonGMOs. Not easy & timely. #ag

at_the_farm, Missouri

“Wow..multiple days of working in the field! Cutting beans now so we can inject liquid manure/fertilizer for next years crop.Thats Organic”

akleinschmidt, Ohio

“Two more big days and corn plots will be off, and I will be done with harvesting all my plots.”

“Everyone running corn. Conagra popcorn guys have to wait until Nov. 13”

cornwuff, Illinois

“The five day forecast is the best I’ve seen in six weeks. We might actually harvest something next week! #farm #ag

“20% chance of rain, so of course it rains this morning. Meh.”

“This harvest will be long and drawn out and with extremely high moisture corn.”

“yields are very good in this area. Cool summer helped. But crop didn’t finish maturing due to cool temp so it is very wet.”

“we ended up about 200 or so growing degree units short from average.Weird year.Plus late planting due to excessive spring rain”

CWFarms, Iowa

“We just finished beans what an awesome feelin this year now on to corn lets see if we can be done before xmas”

BNorthey, Iowa

“Red sky at night – farmer’s delight. Full harvest moon – beautiful. Actually being able to harvest – priceless! Wonderful! Awesome!”

“Typical Nov harvest day of Iowa farmers includes all the daylight hrs – & more than a few of the dark hrs. Stay safe. Nice sunrise today.”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Farmers in our area will be dodging pond holes and wet spots this week harvesting. At least another week before they can go whole farm.”

“Neighbor bought hugh flotation tires for combine. I was impressed with what they cost….20K+”

“Just a suggestion, when you look at that wet spot in the field and you think you can make it, my experience says , turn around…..”

“Dust flying out the back of the combine but mud between the tires. It will get better each day it dosen’t rain, hang in there.”

“Going to be tip toeing through the corn field today. Hope the wet spots don’t find me. Filling driers again!”

minnemom, Minnesota

Corn was coming off the field at 22%. Now it’s raining again. Long harvest this year.

mkg81, Illinois

“My dad is running on corn today. Harvesting @ 26% moisture in Central IL. One of the local fb pres also on corn @ 25% moisture in w cent il”

“Haven’t heard yields yet. Dad says it looks okay. I’ll call and let you know. Guys last week were taking out @ 35% and 24%. Its a mess!”

kjh_786, Wisconsin

“now it’s snowing again, guess the weatherman was wrong again”

“2nd day of no rain and sun, the soybean harvest should get back into full swing #harvest

gilmerdairy, Alabama

“We’re finally back in the field chopping silage.”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“Starting to dry so we can harvest. Some soybeans have been waiting a month to harvest. Cotton is getting close to ready in Central OK.”

“Headed out to look at winter canola. Looking for weeds, and bugs. Comparing plant size in plots to date.”

“Canola looked great. Cooler nights have slowed growth. This is good. Average is about 8 leaves in Garfield county. No insects to report.”

SJO13, South Dakota

“Sun & 50 in N Central SD – hoping for harvest to resume, forecast looks dry #soybeans should go most #corn too wet #hvst09

“Combines rolling again in South Dakota !! YAH ! Was great to see a long line of trucks at the elevator this morning #thankafarmer #hvst09

Pigg74, Illinois

“Had bin fire Friday, what a great volunteer fire dept we have”

“hope to harvest beans tomorrow”

“got mess from bin fire cleaned up, now just need new floor and heat unit”

foodprovider, Iowa

“62 & lots of sun today. Forecast looks good for the week. Will get soybeans finished this week.”

“Found some corn under 24% 2day. There is mold on kernels. Going to send off a sample to test for which type of mold. #hvst09

“We have a true family farm. Boys got to ride in the combine with me 2night. Love the company. #food #hvst09

“Got the manure tank running 2day. Applying pig manure to fields. #farm #food #ag

“Cool & cloudy 2day. Missed the rain. Hope to finish #soybeans Thurs/Fri. #hvst09


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