Harvest Tweet Wrap, Oct. 26-28

Folks in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and some in Illinois were able to hit the fields over the past three days, so there was quite the uptick in harvest tweets this week. Rain and SNOW! are in the forecasts yet again for most of the Midwest over the next couple days, so it’s safe to say we shouldn’t expect many harvest tweets through the weekend.

Two producers that I’d like to highlight in this update: HuskerFarm and hogs_r_us. Over the past two days, they’ve used their blackberries to record minute or so videos of corn harvest. I pointed out HuskerFarm’s video in my last update, but he added another one today. hogs_r_us has a nice video of popcorn harvest, explaining that one acre of popcorn is 100,000 servings, with most of the U.S. popcorn harvest heading overseas. I’ve bumped Mark’s tweets to the top of the list so that you can find it easier.

A quick apology: I’ve done a terrible job of finding new farmers to follow lately . . . I’ll work on that this weekend. If you have any suggestions for growers who are tweeting harvest, please let me know.

Hope to be back Friday with an #onthefarm and then again over the weekend with any harvest tweet updates. Safe harvesting to our farmers out there. Yields are sounding good, from what is harvested, so I’m sure that’s keeping a few folks happy for the time being–just wish the moisture would go down a bit!

As always, your feedback on these posts is appreciated.



hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“looks like we have 3 days before another chance of rain we will try harvesting on some sandy ground today #farm #agchat #profood

“Just finished first side by side field trial DK64-79 281bu dry was best #agchat #hvst09 #farm

http://twitpic.com/n3sc3 – This something you don’t want to see from the combine cab!!”

http://twitvid.com/8BABD – Video of us harvesting twin row corn today 7th yr twin corn on corn”

http://twitvid.com/8EC2C – Video of popcorn harvest #hvst09 may not make 2 #agchat tonight #farm #profood

“Needed a good day in the field before the rain but its not going to happen ran a corn head gear box out irritating!!”

“Just back from popcorn field trucks are full and we have 24 rows left. Rain is coming in and we can’t finish stinks! #hvst09 #agchat #farm”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“My first attempt at a harvest video from the combine with my Blackberry Tour. #harvest #farm #agchat http://twitvid.com/90E9A

“Gonna pick some corn for the feedyard today if its under 18%. Then fill the dryer with 6 0r 7k bushel. Field today will be muddy!!”

“113 day dryland first planted on 11th of april running 20.5%”

“Trying to get going on popcorn. Needs to dry about 2 more points to harvest it. Irrigated corn yields are very good. Drying everything now”

http://twitvid.com/77971 – Here is a little irrigated corn update from last night around 7:45 pm.”

http://twitvid.com/059A8 – Harvest update with a little help from my 5 yr. old son. #farm #agchat #harvest09

foodprovider, Iowa

 “Woot! Combined as many beans y’day as I have done whole month of October. Will be a good day again 2day.”

“Great day of bean harvest y’day. Moisture little high, but 130 acres harvested”

“Worked 19.5 hours y’day (& early this am) to bring #food to your table”

“11 am beans tested 16.3 got down to 13.5 by end of day”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“The sun is out this morning–oh I just hope it shines all week so that we can get out the food, feed, fuel and fiber for our country.”

‘I wish we could be tweeting from the combine–nope MUD is way to deep.”

“Chores are done-still too muddy to clean the pens and more rain in tomorrow’s forecast.Farmer1 thinks we’ll be in field this afternoon.”

“Wind is pickng up speed here ‘let it blow let it blow let it blow – and let the sun shine :) maybe #harvest09 will start again before Nov”

“Not in the field yet – but hopefull”

“No sun today–might try corn. Had to put dried greens out for the cattle in the pasture.”

zjhunn, Nebraska

“Getting a good 2nd consecutive day of #harvest in. Looks like we’ll get one more day before more rain sets in.”

“My 2-year-old is with me, giving me a running play-by-play of where the combine, other auger wagon, and trucks all are. And asking to drive.”

“I’m running an auger wagon, @cornfedfarmer is in the combine. We should get a good day in before the rain.”

“From NWS forecast discussion: All models and ensembles put gobs of rain over US & I cant think of a reason why it will not rain tonight.”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

 “Back at harvest. Corn hasn’t dried out any. Still running 23+ on monitor”

“our closest elevator just went to taking 25%. Havrnt seen any grain quality issues. Have one number that has stalk rot.”

“what we r on is ylding ok. Maybe had a Nitrogen issue. Either ran short or way we fertilized compacted a few rows”

“Areas of flat corn from t-storm downbursts. Pain to pick up but still yielding well http://pic.gd/474a5

 FredPond, Ohio

 “Started running corn today. Moisture around 23. Planted in april. Yield in 175 area, still calibrating. http://pic.gd/84ac25

“Elevator is full of wet corn. On a positive note After Christmas shopping starts 2 months from today!”

“monitor showing a field avg thus far of 24.4. It’s a 110 day VT3 variety. Standing excellent. No ear drop”

“Fuel leak on combine. Took pic with BB, sent to JD dealer. They are on their way with repairs. Sweet http://pic.gd/8023ff

 kansfarmer, Kansas

“Combines rolling everywhere around here yesturday – rain tomorrow so will be hitting it hard again today #hvst09

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“Can’t get much done. RAIN AGAIN!”

“And now. Due to the high moisture corn coming out of the fields this year and the FM problems that it is creating in ADM elevators….”

“ADM elevators have adjusted our drying rates. Example: Corn comes in at 32% 2 pts @ $0.055 5pts @ $0.04 10 pts @ $0.0375”

“It was all $0.0375 What is your rate?”

“Its very foggy and wet. Waiting for it to dry a little so I can go play in the mud again. I’m now a blogger. http://bit.ly/3Mcsxs

Ronniej104, Texas

“Checking the beef cows. Finding a few newborns. Sun is shining bright.”

“Sun shining but not for long. Dark blue clouds rolling in from West.”

hayseedmike. Iowa

“Tried some beans at 7pm 15.7% Elevator won’t take any over 14. Coop is full of wet corn how will I ever get done?”

“Dryer bins are full!”

mariclefarm, Nebraska

“Beans & Corn too wet to combine on our NE farm, but saw lots of combines in fields on way home”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“Trying to pick corn again today. Can’t get grain cart into field, combine cutting nice ruts, just pickin certain areas of field. Depressing”

“Everyone is pushing it a bit, watching a neighbor useing his 4- wheel drive tractor to pull his combine out, we may need it later!”

“Elevator closed at 1 today for wet corn, dosent help when a farmer brought in 2 loads in at 32% and 35% #hvt09

 akleinschmidt, Ohio

“Waiting in rain at elevator to dump corn load. Already probed fortunately.”

“Long day: harvest rained out at 5 pm – thought I could go home early. Nearly forgot about a watershed meeting at 6 p.m. No worries, made mtg”

“Nearly a half-inch of rain kept me out of the field today. I will resume plot harvest Thursday. Four big days I will be done w harvest”

Tykerman1, Nebraska

“Is honored to now be included in a winter storm watch with up 20 inches of snow. Who needs to pick corn this year? It’s hailed on anyway”

“Forecast tonight is for 100% chance of snow. Same for tomorrow. Pics at 11”

 tvfarmer. Illinois

“Its said the market is always right and the reason given for the big drop in prices today was expectations of drier weather. Not just yet.”

“More rain and drizzle today. Combines sitting idle. Lots of crop in the fields in Central Ill.

. 3 inches of rain in Central Ill. One ugly day here. Still raining.”

“Don’t know when combines will roll in Central Ill. Somebody will mud out crop tomorrow or Friday. Probably us, ughhh.”

“At last check Decatur basis on corn for Oct. is 10 over, Nov.1 it goes to 4 under. I’ll update.”

cottonfarmer, Georgia

“clouds and rain moving in. I speak for those who can not speak (cotton, peanuts, soybeans) enough is enough already!”

“Be careful what you pray for. 3 months ago we praying send rain, now stop rain! God looks down and saids “make up your mind.”

“sitting on the side of the road with blown tire on a loaded peanut wagon!”

“oh great it now raining! My day is complete”

“raining in s. ga. again. peanuts & cotton starting to hurt”

kjh_786, Wisconsin

“Started HIGH moist corn last night for a local dairy. 33% ave 200 bu so far. Still too wet for bean harvest. sunny today”

“another dreary day, but did get some very wet corn harvesred #harvest

march76, Indiana

“Corn harvest is back on today. Pigs are eating us out of house and home.#farm

“Going back to finish soybeans tomorrow. #hvst0911:59 AM Oct 26th from UberTwitter

“Even though we are spending a small fortune on LP gas I do love drying corn in the fall.”

“Business end of our continuous-flow #corn dryer. http://pic.gd/6a106d

“Productivity has officially ground to a halt. Cut gas line to corn dryer trenching in a new elec. service.” “Been sprinkling most of morning.”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“Early results from Oklahoma and North Texas show good cotton yields. Even better than expected with some strong new varieties.”

“More weather helping the winter crops get established. Slowing harvest of the summer crop. so goes farming. Winter canola doing great.”

minnemom, Minnesota

“Corn is dryer than expected (24-25%) and yielding better than expected. First bright spot we’ve had in harvest this year. #farm”

“Harvesting corn for 3rd day in a row.  That’s absolutely amazing this year. #hvst09”


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