Harvest Wrap, Oct. 23-25

It’s been another rough weather week across most of the Midwest, which meant that not too many folks got back in the fields over the weekend, though you’ll read below that a few have. A few farmers are just getting into the fields because they have to, despite muddy fields and corn and soybeans with high moisture content. That reminds me, maybe later this week I’ll try to have a post explaining moisture content and its impact on the crop–and farmers’ bottom lines.

One tweet I’ll point out in particular in HuskerFarms video of corn harvest. It’s a very simple, one-minute video shot from a Blackberry, but Ryan gives you a quick shot of a dryland corn harvest, the hybrid variety he’s harvesting, the yield monitor and the augur wagon.

So, this is a quick harvest wrap, as not too many people tweeted over the weekend about harvest, mainly because they haven’t been able to. It rained in St. Louis tonight, so I’m guessing it’s hitting Central Illinois, Indiana and then Ohio overnight and into tomorrow, which delays harvest even more.

Hang in there, everyone.


hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“Sun is shining another wk like today and we will be back in the field probably wishful thinking”

“Still looking for some sunshine debating if I should see if the combine will get through the field with out getting stuck?”

“Not raining today but really wet very little corn harvested just enough to feed our pigs”

“ No food harvest 2day thr is still water standing in the rows of corn. Good thing we use GMO corn its still harvestable”

 akleinschmidt, Ohio

“ 0.7 inch of rain for me, but I am in ok shape since the soybean plots are off; I started my corn plots Wednesday.”

 leahbeyer, Indiana

“Glad we got beans done on Thursday. Hopeful our corn will be dry this week. Good to see corn being run today.”

 Tykerman1, Nebraska

“Oh look, snow in the forecast most of this week. This is getting old fast!”

 tvfarmer, Illinois

“Our farm had 2.5 inches of rain and reports of 3″ nearby in Central ILL. Waterways and ditches full this A.M. When will harvest resume?????”

“Sounds like rain totals vary, either heavy or heavier. For the month of Oct. close to 7 inches at farm in Central Ill.”

“ADM Decatur taking corn on Saturday. That doesn’t happen often. Not much coming in I guess.”

“Chance of rain forecast for all week in Central Ill. So far today, light sprinkle now sunshine??? Illinois weather,changes by the hour.”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“So wet here! Can’t get in the field the past 2 days, and forcast doesn’t look good! Nothing to do so I have been getting some deer huntin in”

“Back in the deer stand tonight, wish I was picking 18% corn instead!”

“Picking corn, ground wet, my dads said ” keep ur snouts above the h2o dnt want a wake of h2o running inthe combine http://twitpic.com/mwxn3

 MartinFarms, Illinois

“About 2″-4″ of rain here last night. Looks like a long harvest delay….. again”

And from his blog:

Another flood…………

“Friday morning we awoke to another 2.5″-4″ of rain across the area. As I am writing this the drainage ditchces are beginning to come out of the banks and flood the fields. Hopefully this will not last long and the water will start to recede tonight. However, all of the wet holes and ponds are still full of water with more heavy rain predicted for next week.

 This is not what we want to see before we harvest a field.”

foodprovider, Iowa

“Light rain all night. Over 1 inch since Tuesday. Clear 2morrow, rain Sunday, clear Mon. then more rain. Not a good pattern.”

“Hauling corn 2day. Problem is that it is last year’s corn. Pigs need to eat.”

“No rain last 2 days, but very little sunshine. Not going to work to harvest soybeans 2day.”

“Have enough corn around to feed pigs for 10days. Going to try & harvest some corn this afternoon”

http://twitpic.com/mwrw0 – This tank holds 7400 gallons of pig manure. Enough to fertilize 2 acres”

http://twitpic.com/mwsg8 – We will strip-till w/ manure application. We will plant corn on top of manure strips next spring.”

http://twitpic.com/mwsuy – Pig manure is a #sustainable fertilizer source for strip-till corn production”

“Sounds like we will get 2 days of soybean harvest in this week. I’m sure beans will be wet, but we’ll take them out anyway.”

“Going to start hauling pig manure in morning. Hope to be combining beans sometime 2morrow.”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Gonna try to mud some corn out after lunch on ridges. Won’t even try on the no-till until next week”

“Shower of rain last night. Hope to pick corn after lunch. Dryland yields here are impressive. Moisture 22%”

“Glimpse from the yield monitor in our combine #farm #harvest http://pic.gd/2bb155

“My first attempt at a harvest video from the combine with my Blackberry Tour. #harvest #farm #agchat http://twitvid.com/90E9A

 cottonfarmer, Georgia

“what a great day. missed the rain & hope we have week of pretty weather in s. ga.”

 kjh_786, Wisconsin

“UNCLE!!!! I will not complain about a lack of rain ever again…..til next yr.”

mlewindy, Indiana

“shelling corn for feed, testing 26 making 220+ dry thanks pig fert recycling it back to those #oink ‘s while Bro applies for next yr corn”

agmatters, Illinois

“Geesh 2.3″ of rain so far. Lake Lucille returned. Very thankful we got those bean fields harvested Wed.”

collettsfarm, Nebraska

“Had an inch of rain than inch or two of snow last night but SUN SHINE today and a breeze 50 degrees, woo hoo!!!”

“Got back in the field this afternoon corn test 22%”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“Rain and sunshine help winter wheat and winter canola grow. so do the winter weeds and grasses. Time to spray is upon us.”

“Keep watching for fall armyworm and cabbage loopers in your winter canola scattered reports of low infestation levels for now”

eagerjeffrey, Michigan

“Check this video out — Beet Blast 2009 30+ Ton Sugar Beets http://bit.ly/4eQAVt #farm #Hvst09 #ag


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