Harvest Wrap, Oct. 20-22

Here’s a quick harvest tweet wrap from Oct. 20-22. Quite a few over the past three days. I think I missed a few of my usual farmers that I follow, so I apologize if I missed you.

After a couple nice days of weather, Mother Nature brought back the rain and snow (yes, snow again in October). Some folks are saying they’ll definitely be harvesting at Thanskgiving, and possibly well into December. What a crazy year.

I’d like to point out real quick that one of the farmers I follow, jilib of Illinois, had an awful day on Oct. 22. Her family had a combine fire and lost two sheds and 400 bales of hay. Thankfully, no people or animals were hurt. Definitely not good to lose a combine at any time, but especially at harvest. She snapped this photo the day of the fire.

http://twitpic.com/mjcio – This was my combine.”

Lots of support and prayers rolled in from the ag community. Just another sign of how strong it is. Hang in there, Jill.

Here’s the rest of the harvest tweets. Hope you find it worthwhile. I’ll try to get another one up on Sunday evening after collecting weekend tweets.



kjh_786, Wisconsin

#harvest another rain day. 1/3 done w/ beans ave yield low 50’s, but moistures all ovr 14% at least ive time 2 grease the combine again”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Rained and dreary again–tuff to watch our food, feed and fuel just sit in the fields.”

“It is raining a lot again today–started discussing Dec. meeting schedule with Farmer1 and he said ‘we’ll still be harvesting'”

“Rain, rain and MUD–mud everywhere–that’s all I can say nicely.”

mariclefarm, Nebraska

“Rain in Northeast NE, no #harvest today. Close to finishing soybeans, still a long way from corn as dry as we would like it to be.”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“NONGMO bean line is long and it takes 3 semis just to keep combine going.”

“Cutting late tonight and the combine quits working. Guess it wants to rest.”

“Tech replaced hydro pump that was leaking but combine still not working right.”

“Tech is stumped on problem and calls John Deere D-tech and they don’t know.”

“I start cutting anyway and it starts working again and never acted up all day.”

“Finished up NON-GMO and now in RR2Y soybeans. I’m disappointed in yield so far.”

“I hope to get most of the beans cut today before the rain comes in tonight. Yield has been 42 to 62.BPA. ”

“Got done with all beans but one field planted in July. Elevator stayed open till 8PM lastnite to help farmers get done before rain.”

“Back to the WET corn until we get rained out. Last load we took in was 30.2%. 114day planted May 21”

“I’m not use to wet corn, its hard to set combine. No damage dock from elevator but grain doesn’t look good.”

“We are just getting started with the corn planted May 20-June 6 . Thats when most of our corn was planted.”

“Dad the most pessimistic one on our farm said that we’re not going to get done this year. He might be right.”

“not snow yet Late Afternoon: Rain Tonight: Rain. Friday: Rain likely Sunday Night:rain Monday: rain Tuesday Night:rain Wednesday: rain”

“We were in field last Thankgiving but not harvesting,just chiseling frozen ground.”

CWFarms, Iowa

“Weve got 140 acres of beans left they wont dry down below 15 and the elevators wont take them above 15 whats a #farmer to do”

kansfarmer, Kansas

“Beans that were dry last night still 15+ mois at 11am tidat and it’s been partly sunny. never seen the like”

farmerbart, Nebraska

“RAIN & Snow AGAIN! Many Beans still in the field. Farmers starting to worry about beans ability to stand it!”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“Probably Sat before we get back in the field at the pace of 1 1/2 days a wk harvest is going to take awhile”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

“Had 1.20″ of rain in last 24 hrs. Weather missed these all summer hit this one. Wife reminded me it could’ve been snow not rain we woke too”

“It was just sleeting on me. We skipped summer and now it feels like the 3rd wk of Nov.”

“Daughter asked me if some people work on Christmas. Yes I said. She asked if I did. Told her this year we may b harvesting on Christmas.”

cornwuff, Illinois

“We did finally get going, and finished the 40 acre job about an hour ago. Now on hold to see what the weather does”

“First time running a tractor with autosteer, today, too. It was awesome. Taking my hands off the wheel was weird at first”

MartinFarms, Illinois

“finally a few good days for soybean harvest..good yields also”

And from MartinFarms blog:

All Smiles….

“The past 3-4 days we have had an excellent opportunity to get some of the harvest complete. With all of the warm and windy weather almost everyone was harvesting soybeans in our area. The moisture was running 12%-14% which was good and the yields were 55-65 BPA.  However, all good things must come to an end with a 100% chance of rain today and tonight. The weatherman is saying that we might get another 1″-2″ which is not what we need. The ground was just getting in good shape for fieldwork and fertilizer applications.  Hopefully the corn dried down some this week and we can continue with harvest this weekend.”

FredPond, Ohio

“Been quite pleased with the RR2Y soybeans here. Haven’t done my plot yet for the side by sides. Finished all seed beans!”

“Combining beans at a blistering pace. Last fields of wheat going in today. http://pic.gd/5528b

“Doing some strip till this morning before hitting the bean fields. Beautiful day in Ohio http://pic.gd/59dbdc

“finished beans just before the rain here in ohio. Highest yields in 25 years of farming. Top bean 68 bu per acre”

“Last minute strip till before the flood hits! http://twitvid.com/4C6D5

“Dumping beans for a neighbor. Farmers are all sharing equipment and labor to get the beans off ASAP”

collettsfarm, Nebraska

“Rained 1.20″ and still raining any body have a barge I could rent for harvest, I might need it”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“Busy day cutting beans again. I can see 8 other combines cutting beans, that is with 1.5 miles from me! Hope”

“Big surprise this morning, was NOT raining, got 40 acres cut, and counting. Feel like I’m playing with house money”

foodprovider, Iowa

“Combined abt 40 acres of soybeans. nevr tested under 14%. I was putting them in a bin w/ air. Local elevator wnt take beans ovr 14%.”

“Not raining, but cool, cloudy & damp air. No soybean combining 2day.”

“Combines did not get rolling 2day. Too much moisture in the air, & clouds all day. #hvst09

“Currently raining again. Will be ZERO field work 2day.”

“Unless others R having better luck than I, soybeans should be up the limit. Lots in the field yet.”

“Rain in forecast every day for next 5 days.”

“Soybean drying discussions at local elevators & on our farm”

“At the pace we are harvesting soybeans, it will take me 10 more weeks to get done. Then I have corn left!”

“Visit this site to see how we use #pig manure to fertilize our fields. http://twitpic.com/photos/f…

jilib, Illinois

“Horrible day-this am,we lost-to a fire,combine,mower conditioner& 2 less than 10 yr old sheds w over 400 round hay bales-Ppl & cows r fine”

http://twitpic.com/m8k04 – Zac’s getting drill out 4 wheat & rye.Not many acres of wheat n area-less rye.Back to beans-seed beans,late morni”

“We ended up with a lot of rain today-(we’ve had 4 gr8 days in beans) Guess the muddy mess’ll gives us time to regroup. Thanks.”


“Dumping corn in the bins. Started at 6:30 am. Foggy here this morning. Rain later today. Hopefully get some corn picked.”

“usually finishing this wk and in SD hunting by this coming wknd. 1400 acres to go and yields have been good-exc. Hailed 4 times.”

“so, a good 2-3 weeks behind w more weather coming tonight. Plant health is excellent though considering what it has been thru.’”

“only the badly hailed corn and popcorn. Otherwise, holding up well. No fung. on our Producers hyb VT3, but two times on popcorn”

“Little wet here this morning. 2 inches of rain. 1-3 inches of snow later http://pic.gd/a16ef2

“100 acres of corn done. Beans were done weeks ago. Corn is wet. Going to just harvest it all once we get back in the field.”

“might open Christmas presents in combine at this pace. Snowing out there now? Didn’t plan on doing snow removal during harvest!”


“Getting “goober pea’s” on top of the ground. Next rain chance friday. I hope it misses us”

“Group 5 beans are ready to cut. Mos. is running around 13. Stalks are still pretty green.”

“Hope the temp stays up a few more weeks on our cotton. Lots of bolls need a few more heat units. 1st frost for us is around Nov 15.”

“Cotton gone down hill the past 3 weeks. It the cold and wet weather.”

“Ya! rain chance went from 70 % down to 40%.”

“Taking up peanut. http://vid.ly/af5w


“hate it when the forecast is for sun turning to rain tonight and I wake up to fog and mist. No #harvest today, or this week”

“Its raining here this morning. No harvest here for quite some time. I’m debating turning the combine into an Ark!”

“All the rain, lack of harvest and the markets infusion of fresh cash means a good bump in commodity prices.”

“After it rained all day, its now snowing! I just want to go back to cancun.”

“hope harvest is done by thanksgiving. at this pace, I’m starting to wonder”

“Harvest issues all over the US. I don’t think it has affected much yield or quality, just a long delay to get it in the bin.”

“I haven’t even got out of the gate. Just glad my wheat is all in, still some that aren’t done, but they may be now.”

“water, then snow on top. verry very very very wet. it will be a week with ideal weather to get back in the field.”

“This harvest feels like a real life version of minesweeper. Snow is melting and the roads are 6 inches of mud.”


http://twitpic.com/m8zq1 – Harvesting my brown stem rot trial (15 inch rows)10:53 AM Oct 20th from TwitPic   “

“And just like that… 100 acres of soybean plots are off.”

“Just finished a great, safe day harvesting the last of my OSU soybean research plots.”

http://twitpic.com/mdtey – Harvesting planting date x seeding rate corn trial”

“Corn moisture ranging from 19-28 percent tonight b4 we quit. The 19 corn augered and flowed great. The 28 corn… not so well.”

“I had an equipment breakdown, so I am out of the corn shelling business for a day or two (or more depending on rain).”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Got wheat planted. Worked till I got it done because more rain expected Thursday. More delays……”

“Got 40 acres done before rain hit. Looks like bean harvest on hold for a while. Havn’t cut a bean yet under12 %.”

“If things continue the way they have, corn will still be standing in fields New Years Day. Maybe it will be dry by then.”

FarmerHaley, Ohio

Whitebeautiful day today! Combines are rolling, finally had a chance to grab lunch, now I am behind, trucks R full!”

http://twitpic.com/ma4u8 – Filling grain bin”

“yields have been around 50 or better (great for us) moisture has been 19, but quickly dropping, got down to 13.5 2day”

http://twitpic.com/mh1ur – on Top of the grain bin looking across the yard”

“Making hay and harvesting beans today.”

mkg81, Illinois

“I saw lots of harvesting going on on my way home today..1-55 south of Morton”


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