Harvest Tweet Wrap, Oct. 19

Well, the tweets were rolling today with farmers across the country, as it warmed up and the sun made appearances on consecutive days in a few places. I’m sure I missed a few farmers out there, but I’ll try to get them for the next wrap on Wednesday. If the weather stays the same, I’m guessing I’ll have the Mother of All Harvest Tweet Wraps on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading,


Cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

“1 field of 107-111 day corn done. 22%+ moisture. Dry yield of 213 bu/ac. All Monsanto family hybrids.”

“last year the wettest corn we picked was 24%. It was a hailed field replanted last few days of June.”

Iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Our day is still going, truck is headed home, another field done.  One yard of cattle to feed yet.”

“foggy, but farmer1 left early looks like we’ll be back in the field as soon as the dew dries off–WOO HOO”

“The B shift is at work…Combine is still rolling. Hmmmm difft shift same workers–American farmers wrkn all shifts rt now 2 do their part.”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Combine tweet.  Waiting on trucks so hooked up blackberry to computer and have internet in combine.  Corn running out really good.”

“Producers Hybrids 7394VT3 dryland corn in at 178 per acre dry in the elevator.  Exceptional dryland yield for here.”

“Rollin,rollin,keep that combine movin, rollin,rollin,rollin combine!!! Still harvesting. Iriigated now. All I can say is WOW!!!”

Cottonfarmer, Georgia

“frost this morning. Insult to injury on cotton !”

Tykerman1, Nebraska

“Been way to wet around these parts, but finally drying out today so might get some done b4 next rain wed.”

Foodprovider, Iowa

“tried some soybeans at noon. Tested 16.6%. Waiting is hard.”

“On positive side, pig manure being injected into field as we speak.”

“Combined abt 40 acres of soybeans. nevr tested under 14%. I was putting them in a bin w/ air. Local elevator wnt take beans ovr 14%.”

Zjhunn, Nebraska

“Combine heading to refuel at 10 pm. Looks like a late one. #hvst09 might end up bleeding into #hvst10 without several of these nights.”

JacksonFarms, Illinois

“Finished  three fields of beans today but they never got under 14%.  Hope to have a big day of cutting tomorrow.”

“Moisture discount on beans to ADM is 1.25% per 1/2 point over 13 to 16 then goes to 3% per 1/2 point so 15% would be 5% off”

“As long as the bean are ripe we go at 16 or less. Less ripe beans (if u know what I mean)at 14 or less”

“All our corn is biotech and we have some RR2Y beans and some RR beans but most of the beans are NONGMO for that $2 premium.”

CoryRitter, Illinois

“Picked Corn this morning, wet!! Went to bin, cutting beans now.  Elevator manager said that they had not got any corn in today under 25%”

“Good sun and wind, hope we can start cutting in an hour or two.”

“First 2 loads of beans to the elevator was 14.9%  20 acres left in this field then going to start seed beans to the bin”

“Today is by far the best day of bean cutting we have had all year! Next 2 days forcast looks also. Hope to get a bunch of seed beans cut!”

“9:20 and just quit cutting, could of kept going but finshed a field and don’t like opening the next field in the dark”

FredPond, Ohio

“It’s the ‘Indy 500’ of soybean harvest here today!  3 days with no rain woo-hoo. Guys will be running 24-3. Pray for SAFETY.”

MountainFarmer, Utah

“Utah Co. reports apple and peach harvests were very good. Safflower in full harvest in Box Elder Co. Dairies in Utah are still struggling.”

Cornwuff, Illinois

“Soybean moisture was in the 14% range towards the middle of the afternoon–just about ideal. Yields in a range of 45-60 bu/acre.”

“One farmer harvesting corn reported moisture of 30% or so. It just isn’t drying down at all. Yields were ‘good’, at least.”

Kansfarmer, Kansas

“Looks like we have a couple of good harvest days here before rain moves in — hoping to get close to done with beans”

“Beans look to be around 15, setting up to put in small dryer bin I didn’t want to use – by this point we can’t wait forever!”

“The coming mid-week rain and calendar is ONLY reason I am willing to cut beans that wet — really isn’t good…”

Jilib, Illinois

“What a great weekend-Sunshine! My boys here & helped w Harvest-a lot of cooking now watchin my Bears … life is great!”

“Our beans (seed beans) are going pretty good today-14 or so, having a little trouble with wrapping around the reel.”

Akleinschmidt, Ohio

“Great day for cutting soybeans. Sun, breezy and soybeans in high 50 bpa.”

Jcmerts, Colorado

“Finally finished beets yesterday. Started dryland corn last night.  One variety running 17.5.  Longer season one still 22 today.”

“Yields good for this area, but not excellent. Too dry during July.  Irrigated corn still as high as 35% and more rain forecasted Tuesday.”

hayseedmike, Iowa

“Finished a field of corn today that made 231 dry. Really good for SWI. Went back to beans late today,testing around 15%”

FarmerHaley, Ohio

http://twitpic.com/m5flx — view from inside the bin: Cleaning soybeans out of grain bin”

hogs_r_us, Nebraska

“Hoping to have a big day in the popcorn field today. My brother and my boys are helping load out hogs so i can stay in the field.”

At_the_farm, Missouri

“tweeting from the combine. Shelling corn until the dryer bin gets full.”

Tvfarmer, Illinois

“Lots of truck traffic at elevator this a.m. Also many elevators have steam coming out of their dryers. Wet corn……”

“Lots of combines rolling in our area. Beans cutting best so far this season. Would still be at it but trucks,carts and combines are full.”


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