Harvest Wrap, Oct. 16-17

Well, after promising to be more on top of the harvest tweets, I dropped the ball again. I apologize. A busy week at work and home got the best of me. But, I took some time tonight to review a few farmers’ tweets about harvest from Saturday and Sunday. It looks like we’ll have decent weather over the next three to four days, so I hope that I can collect quite a few more harvest tweets over the next couple of days. As always, if you’d like to submit a more detailed harvest wrap-up, please DM me and I’ll send you my email address. @cornfedfarmer, @JacksonFarms and @farmerbart have been great about keeping me up to date on what’s happening on their farms. Thanks, guys, I really appreciate it!

So, a bit of a hodge-podge of harvest tweets, but here’s the wrap of ones that I found over the weekend. Try to get another one up tomorrow night–assuming producers pick up on harvest!




Farmerbart, Nebraska

 “Sunshine! Finally its only been 6 days with out it. Hope to see combine rolling this weekend! Officially out old crop corn!”

“back in the field here in central NE. Wet conditions seeing both corn and beans being taken out. Beans are back up to 15 moisture.”

 “Back on beans today. Moisture has dropped to 14. Ground still very wet. Officially done with our beans. Few left for neighbors. End near!”

 Hogs_r_us, Nebraska

 “Switching from field corn to popcorn on harvest have to clean the combine with a vacuum cleaner so there no contaminants in popcorn #farm

 “Started back on popcorn it’s on the ground but were getting most of it yld Is just avg to much wind and wet weather #agchat #farm

JacksonFarms, Illinois

 “We got back in corn this afternoon and the ground held up better than I thought it would.  Took in one load of 109 day planted May 22 on corn on corn ground and it was WET!!! 28.6 and not yielding very well, only about 160.  I don’t think the later planted corn on corn ground will yield very well.  I would like it to get down to 25% or less before we go strong in it.  We’ll switch to beans and I hope we can get started tomorrow afternoon.”

“Finished three fields of beans today but they never got under 14%. Hope to have a big day of cutting tomorrow”

collettsfarm, Nebraska

“half mile long rows= 1 acre; combine holds 240 Bu; corn test 20.5%; can’t make it to the other end of the field= priceless”

tvfarmer, Illinois

 “Picked corn today, Good yields but still mid to low 20’s on moisture. Most likely combines will try it on Monday in soybeans. We are.”

Hayseedmike, Iowa

“Combined a few acres of beans yesterday before it rained again, dissapointed in the RR2Y beans. Not yielding anymore than the old numbers”

CoryRitter, Illinois

 Picked Corn this morning, wet!! Went to bin, cutting beans now. Elevator manager said that they had not got any corn in today under 25%”

“Cut 3 loads of beans today. Load 1: 14.8% load 2: 14.7% load 3: 15.0% Short day of cutting!”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

“Gave up on popcorn for now. Too wet. Variety that was sub16% moisture a week ago is 19+ now. Onto short season corn. Still 21%”

“Beautiful sight. Seeing what has been picked in a field http://pic.gd/fbdc07

 “Picked ~25000 bu of 22% moisture corn today. All short season”

foodprovider, Iowa

“Sunshine and south wind 2day.  Will be able to combine beans 2morrow. 9 days since last beans harvested.”

 “We will be injecting #pig manure on fields 2morrow as well. Forecasting rain already on Tuesday.”

“Looking forward to a 15+ hour day 2morrow, all to bring you #food. Should be fit to combine beans, then rain in forecast.”

kjh_786, Wisconsin

“harvested 20 acres of beans today. had to wait il 3 to start then still was 15%. Got down to 14%. Wind blowing tonight”

MartinFarms, Illinois


 “A lot of farmers and elevators are talking about al of the damage that they are seeing in the fields this year. One of the major diseases in our area is Diplodia ear rot.  A lot of people say this is common in minimum till operations, but it is being found in all tillage practices this year. There has not been any type of pattern that would let us find the cause. It appears that conditions that favor this disease are brought on by periods of wet weather within the first 21 days after silking. The elevators begin docking for anything above 5%. So far this year we have had loads as high as 60% with most fields averaging 5%-15%.”

Iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Combine tried beans a little while ago and still too wet – going to try again.”

“The combine is rolling WOO HOOO…beans a little wet but it’s past critical on the farm. Farmkid2, cousins & I R going 2 carve pumpkins.”

“Just fed the cattle–today’s job titles ‘hired hand’, go-for gal, harvest widow, mom & wife–it’s gd 2 B combining R country’s fuel & feed.”

Cottonfarmer, Georgia

“We got some great weather. Temps in the high 60’s low 70’s. Starting to dry out. We will try to dig some peanuts tues.”

“Hope to take some leaves off of cotton this week. Cotton look great 3 weeks ago now just ok. Got to get when the gettin good.”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Yellow field corn running 23.5-18% moisture hand shelled. Popcorn still running 18.5-20.5% moisture. Maybe we can go by Sunday.”

“need to be 17 and under on popcorn. 21 for dryer on corn and 18 to go direct to feedyard.”

“Headed to field for corn harvest 2009 with my 5 year old son riding co-pilot!!!”

“Corn running out around 20.5 moisture. Yields look good so far.”

“First day of corn. Lost drain plug on oil bath for corn head. $2 plug holding up $350,000 of equipment. Go figure!!! Start again tomorrow.”

FredPond, Ohio

“Still too wet here for harvest activity. Hoping for next week, 200 acres of beans remaining. Haven’t done an acre of corn yet.8:14 PM Oct 17th from web”

“Took 20 acres of soybeans off late this afternoon. It’s been YEARS since we’ve worked on Sunday. What a fall…..”

zjhunn, Nebraska

“It’s a little tough to tell here, but the corn we’re in is taller than the tractor and eye level with dad in combine http://pic.gd/03c42

“Red sky at night, farmer’s delight…or something like that. Should be a nice day tomorrow for #harvest http://pic.gd/1f45c4

“Picked just over 27000 bushels of corn today, or right at 1.5 million pounds. Good to finally get a full day of #harvest in.”


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