Real California Dairy Farmers

My friend Janice gave me a heads up to these videos from Califronia dairy farmers. She received them from Dino, who is a California dairy farmer and is featured in this video:

These are a great example of farmers telling their personal stories via social media. When I received the video this morning, I think only 14 people had clicked on the video. As of 8:30 tonight, the video has 84 views. While 84 is relatively small for You Tube, it’s 70 more people than earlier today.

Here’s another from Barbara Martin:

I love how these videos are shot in a documentary style too. And, for whatever reason, I really love the music in the background. Very simple, but lends to the personal nature of these dairy farmers’ stories. I guess in the end, maybe the stories are rather simple too.  These videos are straightforward stories from the heart. And that’s a great way to keep a farmer’s message low-key, but powerful at the same time.

I look forward to seeing more videos like these. There are more from RealCaliforniaMilk’s You tube channel. Check it out here:

I shouldn’t forget about Will Gilmer of Gilmer Dairy Farm in Alabama. He’s posting “Moo Tube Minutes,” quick updates about what’s happening on his farm. Today, “Big Annie” gave birth, and Will walked us through the next steps of the calf’s life. Good, informative stuff:


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