Harvest Wrap, Oct. 12-13

After a couple days of slacking off, I’m trying to get back on a daily or every-other-day Harvest Wrap. Unfortunately, most farmers on Twitter haven’t been able to get into the field because of near-daily rains. So, the majority of tweets have contained the word “rain” in quite a few.

Today, I was lucky enough to visit a farm near Pana, Illinois, which is about 45 minutes south of Decatur. By the way, it’s PAY-nuh, not Pah-nuh. Could have sworn it was the latter. And the Pana Bowl has a delicious breaded tenderloin. I was leery when the farmer told us that’s the best place in town for lunch, but after downing the breaded tenderloin, I won’t argue with him.

I won’t go into too many details right now (saving for a later blog post possibly). But here’s what I can quickly share:

There is a LOT of corn still standing. It looks like beans have been recently cut in various areas, but it’s really hit or miss. Most of the crop looks like it’s ready to come out of the ground, but it rained on our way home this afternoon—and it’s raining tonight in St. Louis—so I doubt growers will be in the fields in the next two to three days.

The farm we visited wasn’t sure if they’d cut beans today (Roundup Ready 2 Yield), but after cutting a test strip, they determined they could pull it off. Moisture was around 16 percent at the start but was dropping below that by noon. Yields were in the consistent 60s (with some spots hitting 80s), around 7-10 bushels higher than normal on that piece of ground. We drove US 51 south to I-70 West from Pana—and I only saw one other combine in the field (while it was raining too).

I also received two emails from growers cornfedfarmer and JacksonFarms to summarize recent harvest experiences. Hopefully, these provide you some perspective beyond 140 characters. If you have something to share, please feel free to submit it. I know everyone who has responded favorably to my wraps likes reading the tweets from around the country, so I’m including them below the more detailed posts. Apologies for the super-long post.

I hope you enjoy this installment of the harvest wrap. As always, I’m open to your feedback to make this better!


cornfedfarmer is from central Nebraska and submitted his soybean yield data, along with hybrid numbers.

“Here is our soybean yield data. The yields are maybe 1% low.

Pioneer 93M11: 70.44bu/ac avg.

Pioneer 93Y70: 76.00bu/ac

AgVenture 33X1: 75.5bu/ac

AgVenture 34X2: 66.4bu/ac

Fontanelle 74N12: 63.8bu/ac

We had side by sides of a number of the trials. Y70s and 74N12s were in 2 different fields.”

JacksonFarms is from central Illinois, just south of Decatur, and jumped in a few fields on Monday.

“We got back to corn harvest today. Tried some in 3 different planting dates.  All April corn will make better than 200 BPA and now test about 20%. Mid May corn is about 24% and I don’t know what it making yet. Late may corn is 27% or higher and what I have done is making almost 200. The ground is very wet and will not hold very much more rain.”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Still waiting for corn to dry down. Pocorn still 20 + and yellow corn 21-28% moisture. Might be trick or treating in the combine again!!!”

“Was hoping to start today, but looks like rain. Going to start the dryer, transfer and haul back out to the elevator.”

hayseedmike, Iowa

“Combine went to the the hospital today so I cleaned ouy a bin of corn that I dried already. Not what I had planed!”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“Light rain in Central Ill. We need sun to get back to soybeans. Harvested corn yesterday , probably do the same today.”

“Basis still strong in Decatur, Ill. Corn must be coming in slowly. 10 over Dec.”

“Cold and still damp in Central Ill. Farmers wanting to cut beans are frustrated.”

foodprovider, Iowa

“Another cold morning. Expecting an inch of snow tonight.”

“Tried some corn 2day. 100 day corn, planted April 25, 32.6% moisture…..Going to be a LONG fall.”

cottonfarmer, Georgia

“rain rain rain”

eagerjeffrey, Michigan

“This past weekends Frost was the “Killer” here. Fields now have the tell tale smell of frosted corn. Too bad..Still alot of half milkline”

cornwuff, Illinois

“First report on corn harvest on the IL/WI state line: no report on yield, but 36% moisture, 39lb test weight. Not good.”

“For my non-farmer readers, corn usually comes out of the field at 16-22% moisture, and 50-60 lb/bushel test weight.”

“Farmers trying soybeans here in the late afternoon. 14-14.5%. Could go full steam tomorrow if the forecast didn’t look like crap.”

akleinschmidt, Ohio

“Really hoping to get back to cutting soybeans today.”

“Soybean plots coming off at 65 bpa (moisture corrected). Wow.”

http://twitpic.com/lf73l – Still green”

“Combine radiator leak. Stopped.”

“Late night, just got in. Fortunately, the combine radiator leak occurred after the plot part of the field was harvested.”

iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Snow and it’s still snowing-I’m sure my calender says October. No harvesting here today. Wishing everyone a warm Monday.”

“snow boots are packed with mud–doesn’t seem right for Oct. 12 and the nations food and fuel still in the raw in the field.”

“The sun is out-maybe the combine will srt rollng again WOO HOO Life on the #farm-never know wht yr day might bring-except the livestock 24/7”

FredPond, Ohio

“Back running beans again. Rain for the next 3 days in forecast http://pic.gd/a01b4e

“Fields in decent shape for all the rain. Glad I can park wagon and semi on edge of road. Combine leaving manageable ruts”

“My dog loves to ride in green tractors! http://pic.gd/87362b

MartinFarms, Illinois

Not looking good….

“After about 3″ of rain last week we are once again waking up with rain this morning.  There is also a 70% chance for rain on Wednesday.  This is not making things easier.  We thought spring was tough, but harvesting high moisture corn, with diplodia, in the mud 30 days behind schedule at low prices might be worse. 

A lot our our soybeans are ready to cut, but with the forecast it does not look like this week will be good for that. We still have some April planted corn to harvest so hopefully we can get that done.

As of today we @10% done while many people still have not started.”


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