Harvest Tweet Wrap, Oct. 8-11

 I apologize for the tardiness on this wrap up of harvest tweets. The Cardinals preoccupied my time for the past few days. Wish they hadn’t now . . . Anyway, here’s a list of 20 or so farmers who have been tweeting regularly about their harvest experiences.  I know I’ve missed a few, but that’s my own fault for trying to compile the tweets from the past four days!

With the Cardinals out of the playoffs, I’ll be able to update this daily or every other day this week. Please keep the harvest tweets coming. And feel free to submit a more detailed report to me. Just leave a comment on this post, or direct message me via Twitter and we can exchange emails.

Take it easy,


cornwuff, Illinois

 “A 8:30am, it is still below freezing .Whatever didn’t get frosted yesterday is dead, now. So long, short, cool growing season.”

 “Frost this morning on the IL/WI state line. Some corn likely did not make it to full maturity.”

 cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

 “Picking some dryland corn. 20.8% moisture. Yld monitor shows 116 bu/ac. U bk in yet?”

 “View from the cab. I could sit in the combine everyday and be happy http://pic.gd/6c8fbe

 “we are mature. Last weeks frost took the green out of the leaves”

 “A 52000# semi load of popcorn is the equivalent of 277,000 bags of microwave popcorn

10th of Oct and we have 1-2″ of snow. 25deg and wind chill of 14. Somehow we went from spring to fall to winter. We missed summer”

TomlinsonFarms, Louisiana

 “Nasty day here in the Delta. Rain,Rain,Rain. I wonder when it’s going to dry out. Seems like winter. Rain a couple times per week.”

 zjhunn, Nebraska

 “This is your average American’s annual popcorn intake. 68 quarts popped, or about 1.5 to 2 quarts unpopped. http://pic.gd/eb9312

 iamafarmer2, Nebraska

 “Xcitmnt on R farm-the cmbine is headed 2 the field aftr beng parked 4 9 days Most ppl off 4 the wknd-we’re starting 2nd shift w/ no break :)”

 “Combine is still rolling – but no breeze-so probably won’t work much longer.”

 “Combines got back in the field ths pm-after the snow ths am.Farmer1 said insulated overalls on 4 bean harvest something is wrong w/ ths pic.”

 FredPond, Ohio

 “A grower got my first plot done before monsoon season, comparing RR1 vs. RR2Y. 9.6% or 5.8 bu. advantage for RR2Y. Much more to do.”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

 “starting to mist a little here. Call for snow this weekend. Hope the plant health holds together. Popcorn is my concern.”

 “Snow on the ground and corn harvest has barely started here. Going to be an interesting fall.”

 “24 degrees, snow has stopped. Around an inch on the ground. Looks heavier to the North and West. Dry snow,better than a wet one.”

 “Here is a picture from this morning looking out the office. Oct. 10th, or Dec 10th?????? #fb http://pic.gd/ecbf16

 “Neighbor out chiseling soybean ground in the snow. For those of you wondering, the metal structure is a pivot. http://pic.gd/faaf4f

 foodprovider, Iowa

 “Rolled out manure hose 2day. We use a dragline system to inject #pig manure in our fields. Should be running 2morrow.”

 “BRRRRRRR 27 degrees. Colder 2night with chance of snow. Sick feeling with beans in the field yet”

 “Get to apply organic pig manure to fields today. Fertilizing next year’s corn crop.”

 “Pig manure is the best fertilizer for growing crops. We test manure & soil and apply exactly what we need for crops.”

 “Pig manure helps build organic matter in the soil. This helps hold water & makes nutrients more available for the crops.”

 “If we don’t use pig manure, we have to purchase fertilizer which is made with petroleum = less dependence on foreign oil.”

 “After a week & 2 days & 2.4 inches of rain, soybeans finally getting harvested in the area.”

 “Injected 45 acres of manure today. Pig nursery manure all gone. Wind is picking up, hope snow stays away.”

 “Currently snowing, way too early for that to start.”

 “Spent morning in the field rolling up manure hoses. Temps in the 20’s, wind blowing, snow on the ground, muddy.”

 “http://twitpic.com/l0nvi – Our back yard this morning. We could use some global warming.”

 “http://twitpic.com/l0o7r – Beans should be harvested before it snows!”

 “First for me. Soybeans in the field and snow on the ground.”

 CoryRitter, Illinois

 “Cutting beans again, finshed a field of @pioneerHibred 93M42 yield across scale of 67 bu.”

 mariclefarm, Nebraska

 “Combining #soybeans today. A bit wet. Calibration a bit off so no accurate yields to report yet.”

 hayseedmike, Iowa

 “Snow! WTF!”

 JacksonFarms, Illinois

 “Have not gave a #harvest update to @n_web because of no harvesting happening. 3 inches of rain and still raining.”

 MartinFarms, Illinois

 “Crop Tech Tour at Martin Farms http://bit.ly/3j7ZBg

 jstpeters, Illinois

 “Driving the I-55 corridor through IL today. Very wet. Limited harvest so far. A look at the calendar and the wx forecast indicates trouble.”

 Tykerman1, Nebraska

 “http://twitpic.com/l4cw5 – Hailed corn blanketed with snow. Neighbor still trying to get wheat planted in the distance. #fb #farm

 farmerbart, Nebraska

 “Started back on soybeans before the next rain/snow! Tapped into corn this morning, looks very good! Shipping pigs today for market”

 “6 inches of snow on ground still falling. So glad our pigs are in their nice warm buildings on this cold morning.”

 OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

 “Canola crop looks good. Temps not low enough in Oklahoma to hurt any. Soil temps will prevent deep freeze for now.”

 collettsfarm, Nebraska

 “2009 corn harvest started today took out dryland on N place approx155 bu/a and 18% moisture. Irrigated test 22% not enough out to get yield”

 brokfldpumpkins, Maryland

 “The yield on the soybeans have been great! A little rain may put us behind …but the weather looks awesome for weekend pumpkin pickers!”

 “Currently planting wheat where the soybeans were. We successfully harvested 48 acres of soybeans, more to come!”

 tvfarmer, Illinois

 “Back to harvesting soybeans.  Not ideal but they are going 13% moisture. Rains forecast for tomorrow. Cuttin till the dew comes in.”

 “1.5 inches of rain in Central Il”l. Still raining….. Harvest at a standstill for a few days.”

 “3 inches of rain in Central Ill.   Maybe 5% of crop harvested in our area.  Many not even started.”

 “34 degrees Sat. morning in Central Ill.  Game over for sure tonight.  This was one for the books.”

 “Harvested corn today. 209 bu dry. Finally found a field that was at 20% mositure and at times less. Planted May 7.”

 CWFarms, Iowa

 “So were about half done combining beans and mother nature decides to start a snowball fight gee Thanks” 


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