Harvest Wrap, Oct. 6-7

Well, the rain knocked more than a few folks from the combines and planters this weekend and earlier this week. You’ll see a lot of references to rain and frost below–two words that are not the ones we like to hear this time of year.

There are quite a few photos links below as well, as more and more farmers are taking the initiative to bring harvest to friends, family and non-ag audiences. I think these are a great tool to share the on-farm experience with people. You never know who you might educate out there! I’m hopeful we’ll see a few videos before the year is up.

I have one follow-up item from the previous harvest report. Cornwuff posted this tweet on Oct. 5:

“DeKalb 54-49VT3. Very dissapointing ear size. Not happy. #farm http://twitpic.com/ke7w6

DeKalb hits a bit close to home, so I decided to follow up with Jim on possible reasons. Here’s  what he had to say:

“I”m not sure why it looks that way. We fertilized to current soil tests, and it was planted early for this area. We had a real hot and dry spell in July, perhaps the hybrid didn’t like that.”

He noted that if he finds more data, he’ll pass it along. So, thanks, Jim, for the quick responses and allowing me to reprint them on the blog.

Anyway, just wanted to share that additional analysis on that tweet. If you’d like clarification on a tweet or have me follow up and provide additional context, let me know. On to the harvest tweets for Oct. 6-7. Enjoy!

Oh, and for my next post, I’ll include the list of farmers that I’ve been following to collect these tweets. If you have others that you think I should be following, please let me know!

Thanks for reading,



akleinschmidt, Northwest Ohio

“No rain-soy herbicide plots running 54 bpa”

“Done. Rained out.”

“Pretty good rain event just came through. I’m hedging that I won’t be cutting soybeans tomorrow.”

 cornwuff, Northern Illinois

“Some early soybeans were taken out in the area over the weekend and yesterday.Rain today has stopped all progress, forecast looks poor”

“One farmer reported 55-60 bushel yields on his early bean field. I think that may be the high for the year. #farm

FarmerHaley, Ohio

http://twitpic.com/khp3k – Unloading soybeans!”

http://twitpic.com/khszc – my view 4 the rest of the day. #tractortweet

http://twitpic.com/kiksi – Road hog”

“sitting in the house watching it rain after 2 half days harvesting soybeans and sowing wheat. hopefully the weather straightens up!”

foodprovider, Iowa

“Looks like rain is done. Cold, cloudy & windy here. Need sunshine. Talking hard frost end of the week. #hvst09

“I lied, rain not over, currently pouring. #hvst09

“Picked all the watermelon from the garden 2night. Going to have a hard freeze later this week. Drove around and gave melons to neighbors.”

“Good FROSTY morning to you.”

hayseedmike, Iowa

“Started combining some corn this afternoon WOW! saw numbers on the yield monitor I’ve never seen!! Averaging 230+”

“It’s really hard to get much harvesting done with this weather! ”

Martin Farms blog:

Looking Wet.. 

“After a pretty nice weekend and start to the week we are getting soaked with rain and looking for more to come by the end of the week.  We have been able to be in the field the past couple of days with the corn starting to get below 25%, however our days in the field this week will be limited. Most weather forecasters are calling for 2-4 inches of rain on Thursday. This is not what we need to see with all of the wet corn and disease, and not to mention the stalk quality is getting worse.  Yesterday was the first day that there was any harvest activity in the area all year. Some people were combining corn and there was a lot of people starting to cut beans. Lets hope the weatherman is wrong this week.”

cottonfarmer, Georgia

“Corn bins nearly cleaned out. We are getting ready to put beans in the bins. Hope the corn prices will rebound some.”

OkieAgMan, Oklahoma

“Cool morning in Oklahoma wont hurt cotton that is 30% or more cracked bolls. With colder weather in sight is time to apply boll opener.”

“Some corn harvested this weekend still low afla after nealry two months of waiting on harvest. Big differences by hybird and trait.”

“Late soybeans need to hurry. Late sorghum in the same boat. Need two weeks to make before we can take a hard freeze on 15% of acres.”

“Canola is making stands now in fields. With good planting conditions in OK, KS & TX some of the best stands we have ever had.”

agmatters, Central Illinois

“Wet bin, pit, and trucks stuffed with corn for a productive rainy day of drying. Will be sneaking in a morning nap too. #farm #ag

tvfarmer, Central Illinois

“Inch rain in Macon County Ill.this morning. Forecast for big rains on Thursday. Not very good drying weather.”

“I keep hearing about quality issues with this years crop. Corn and beans. What will a freeze do??????”

kjh_786, Wisconsin


JacksonFarms, Central Illinois

 “We are now back to soybeans with yields on the Asgrow 3355 NonGMO going 55-65 BPA. Have not cut any RR2s yet.  55 to 65 bpa would be good for this area.  We have trouble getting to 70.”

“Rain & hail on our RR2 soybeans yesterday AM and now a flood watch for tomorrow. Back to corn today if the grounds not to wet.”

“A friend tried some of his mid May planted corn and it was low 30s%. Will the late May or early June corn ever dry?”


“Looks like we will have one good day of beans left before wet weather moves in less than 250 acres left to cut!”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

“Going out to hand shell some more popcorn and yellow corn to see if we can get started on corn harvest. Snow is in the forecast this weekend”

“Popcorn still 19% moisture. Yellow corn still 21%. Need a hard freeze here to get harvest going”

Tykerman1, Nebraska

“The good news, I should get the wheat in that I need to get in today, because snow is in the forecast and my wife is stealing me next week.”

zjhunn, Central Nebraska

“Still waiting for fields to dry out. Hoping we’ll finish off our soybeans this afternoon, and that we get some corn picked before it snows”

“A friend outside of Lincoln said they have dryland corn averaging ~210, yield monitor hitting 270 in bottom ground”

FredPond, Northwest Ohio

“Reporting in from western Ohio, rained out today about 4:00 PM. Huge variation in soy yields.”

“location, location, location. 20 bu. difference in the same variety based on rainfall and when. Running 45-65 b.p.a.”

“As usual, WE (farmers) waste too much time saying our variety is better than yours. It’s all about the weather, and that’s God’s call.”

agleader, Central Valley, California

“1st field starting out at 4.5 bales/ac. Good start to #cotton #harvest on #farm  http://pic.gd/5e8ed5

farmerbart, Central Nebraska

“Soybean harvest started backup in central NE.  Just finished field 81 bpa. Outstanding yield! Furrow irrigated, ridge till, 93M11 pioneer”


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