Harvest update, Oct. 2-5

Here’s another quick harvest update. I know I missed a few tweets. I’ll try to add them for the next one, which will hopefully come tomorrow or Wednesday morning. If you would like to contribute to this post with an in-depth report, please contact me via a comment on the blog or a direct message via Twitter.

So, here’s a smattering of harvest reports from around the nation from the weekend.



cornfedfarmer from central Nebraska was kind enough to file a quick email report today:

“Our soybean yields have been somewhat erratic so far. Some numbers doing excellent in the 80+ range. A couple numbers have been disappointing so far. But we will know final results in a couple of days when it dries back out. In south central Nebraska there are a bunch of guys either done or close to done with soybeans. Corn is maybe 10 days away. Some dryland may be sooner. Popcorn is pretty close but wet weather will delay that.”

I captured a couple of his tweets over the weekend as well:

“Finished field 3 of SB. 78.4 bu/ac. Pio 93M11 and AgVenture 33X1. Haven’t seen variety specific yields yet.”

 “In out 1st side by side of Y series vs RR2Y. My Monsanto dealer will not be happy. We will see what nxt field holds”

He also had a quick Twitter conversation with TomlinsonFarms from Northeast Louisana about planting populations:


“Hi cff I farm in Ne La and saw a post of yours about soybean population test plots. Which did the best for you?”


“our 90K did the best with 120K 2nd. We planted Pioneer 93M11. 3rd year of pop study & 120 has been 1st.”


“That’s interesting! I planted 150K on my 38in rows. They aver. In the high 60s to low 70s. We plant group 4s. 94M80,94Y70 …”


“we are on 30″ rows. We had from M11 to 93Y70 for maturity. We plant strip til @ 130K and no till @ 143K”

JacksonFarms harvested non-biotech soybeans. It appears he achieved good yields, but I have a request to him via Twitter if that number is par for the course for the variety in his area.

“We are now back to soybeans with yields on the Asgrow 3355 NonGMO going 55-65 BPA. Have not cut any RR2s yet.”

farmerbart of Nebraska pulled triple duty last Friday:

“Planted wheat, harvesting soybeans and shipped 2 loads of the “other white meat”! Not a bad day for a friday helping feed the world. Luv it!”

HuskerFarm of Nebraska is idle for a couple days as he waits for the Mizzou-Nebraska game on Thursday evening.

“No harvest for a few days. Popcorn 21-22%, yellow 20-25%. Maybe middle of the week.”

Cornwuff of Northern Illinois has a photo of DeKalb corn this isn’t very pleasing for my eyes. Maybe I’ll try following to see if we can get some background.

“DeKalb 54-49VT3. Very dissapointing ear size. Not happy. #farm http://twitpic.com/ke7w6

tvfarmer of Central Illinois is busy drying corn.

“Harvested corn today. Yields good, but corn just isn’t drying down . Will fill drier again and burn some propane.”

“Most soybeans in our area safe from frost. Many ready to go but rain in forecast this week. Probably dry more corn this year than in last 10.”

FredPond from Northwest Ohio is experiencing some of his best bean yields ever, despite the weather not cooperating.

“Heavy frost here this morning. I had 29 degrees. Started wheat planting. Top yield this far AGI 26R03 64.7 b.p.a.”

“Really looking forward to the new RR2Y beans! Wheat planting will be down 25% in N.W. Ohio.”

“would be nice to get more than 1 day without rain!”

Another Ohio farmer, FarmerHaley, had to worry about more than the weather this weekend. Someone drove through his field.

http://twitpic.com/kd6zu – $2,500 @ohiofarmbureau reward for anyone with evidence on who drove through my corn field!


“It windy enough here today that the tractor’s shaking as I wait for the combine. Hope the corn doesn’t blow down much.”

foodprovider of Northwest Iowa is also waiting for the rain to go away, though he’s taken a few nice photos of the combine in action when he has been in the fields.

http://twitpic.com/k3rai – 2009 #soybean harvest.”

http://twitpic.com/k3tgq – Soybeans ready for harvest. Because of no-till U can notice the 2008 corn stalks between rows.”

“Good yields 55-65, got 1.5 inches of rain since Thursday. Be a while before we are back at it.”

http://twitpic.com/k4s7n – When it dries out, we will be doing this. Applying organic #pig manure to fields. @MidwestLabs tests manure &

 “54 degrees and dry here today. Looks like lots of rain in the forecast. Not promising for field work.”

“Drizzle starting to set in. Hopefully we can get through our last ~75 acres of soybeans.”

“Looks like the drizzle might have us shut down for the day. Hopefully that 70% chance of rain holds off tonight.”

“Still raining. Another half inch today. Harvest at a stand still.”


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