Harvest tweets, Sept. 30-Oct. 2

Here is the harvest tweet wrap from the past couple days. I apologize for being tardy. And I know I missed a few tweets out there. But thanks to those farmers who are keeping us up to speed on what’s happening on their farm–particularly the Nebraska Twitter contigent. The Cornhusker State is represented well below.

Also, in the spirit of transparency, I work for Monsanto. However, that’s not keeping me from posting yield and variety information from competitors, such as Pioneer. I don’t want a pat on the back for this, but I also don’t want someone thinking that I excluded any information because of my position. If I missed something, it’s an honest mistake; there’s a lot of information flying around and dozens of farmers that I’m following to gather these tweets. If you want to make sure your harvest data is included, please DM me or reply to me on Twitter or leave a post on this blog.

Hopefully, I can block some time this weekend to clean up these posts. It’s kind of a sloppy way to read, but time hasn’t been my friend this week. Hope you understand.

Have a great weekend, and all the best to those hitting the fields this weekend.


cornfedfarmer, Nebraska

 “1st SB field 69.9 bu/ ac. Rough ground best it has done. 2nd field 72.9. 3rd field have hit 95+ on yield monitor”

“Our 95+ is not Y series Pioneer. And it is not RR2Y Monsanto”

 zjhunn, Nebraska

 “It windy enough here today that the tractor’s shaking as I wait for the combine. Hope the corn doesn’t blow down much.”

 cornarch, Nebraska

“York County, NE, irrigated beans, another farm finished, yield 67.2, avg. moisture  12.05.”

 iamafarmer2, Nebraska

“Harvest has started in our area–we haven’t but hoping to today.  Headed out to pay for some 2010 chemical.  Cattle fed and happy.”

“The grain cart just left the barnyard..woo hoooo harvest is officially underway-what a gr8 time of year-look 4 updates as we harvest”

“Beans are running out pretty good – but east wind will probably bring rain by tomorrow.  Oh well.”

“Rain and wind last night brings harvest to a STOP–back to the rainy day list.”

 foodprovider, Iowa

 “Another 80 acres of soybeans harvested today. Running average of 60bu/a. Harvesting group 2.3 beans today, testing 12.5-11%”

http://twitpic.com/jsi6y – Soybeans ready for harvest.”

http://twitpic.com/jsijq – This is my office view! Sunset over a soybean field.”

“Had a nice treat 2day. My wife road w/ me in the combine most of the afternoon.”

http://twitpic.com/jsjyu – Pic of ground after soybean harvest. Can still see corn stalks from ’08. Sustainability!”

http://twitpic.com/jsjhq – Another Soybean harvest pic.”

http://twitpic.com/jsj5t – Harvesting soybeans 2day.”

“Were doing about 11 acres/hour. 25′ bean head.”

“Neighbor gets combine 2morrow. We will start injecting organic #pig manure into the soil for next yrs crop.”

“Rain is upon us, harvest done for the week.”

FredPond, Ohio

“Really looking forward to the new RR2Y beans! Wheat planting will be down 25% in N.W. Ohio.”

“Heavy frost here this morning. I had 29 degrees. Started wheat planting. Top yield this far AGI 26R03 64.7 b.p.a.”

“Rained out yet again, This fall weather is making me nervous. Yields are excellent. Perhaps the best ever.”

farmerbart, Nebraska

“Harvest is underway!  Started soybeans this week, and yields are running above average.  Looking forward to a great harvest!”

“off to plant some winter wheat  while combines rolls in the pioneer soybeans!”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska

 “90+ acres witha couple small breakdowns.  115 acres of soybeans to go.  Hope to finish tomorrow if no rain tonight.”

“Fifty mph winds here today will cause some harvest loss!!!  Plants damaged from hail will go down today”

“Just finished with soybeans. Prairie Loft meeting tonight. Switch combine 2 popcorn in the morning.  Kis came out for combine ride today”

“Last soybean truck going to town now. Time 2 clean all equipment to comply with food grade requirements for popcorn harvest this morning”

FarmerHaley, Ohio

“glad to finally get started harvesting and planting this fall! Hope the weather straightens up so we can get finished before the snow flys!”

http://twitpic.com/jw0d2 – Wheat planting underway”

eagerjeffrey, Michigan

“Check this video out — Frost! End of Growing Season 2009 October 1 in Sanilac County http://bit.ly/9XQ2k

http://twitpic.com/jts06 – End of the growing season 2009 October 1

http://twitpic.com/jtvxf – Yep, I think it is over!  Going to be some lower test weight corn this year!

“Talked to folks at elevator 48 lbs test weight corn will get rejected!  1/2 milk line corn earliest planted.  May see big insurance year!”

“Hand harvested 1/2 milk line 35.7 percent moisture.  Test weight was 50. Not sure if believe tw.Koster dried sample, tasted sweet not starch”

“Will be interesting to see how frosted corn dries down naturally.”

“Harvested 92M33 today planted May 8th went 46.29 bpa @ 13.7%, However, some green beans in sample.”

tvfarmer, Illinois

“three-quarters of an inch of rain in Central Il.. Stopped bean harvest, would of bean rolling all weekend. Yields good!!”

“10 cents basis push until next Wed. at Decatur ADM.  Must want the corn. Trucks are hauling.”

Agridome, Ontario

“Frost overnight in southwestern Ontario…How about the rest of the Eastern Corn Belt? ”

“Another pic of the frost this morning in SW Ontario. ….Obviously basis for corn this fall  is going to get sloppy.   http://pic.gd/ed8733

“Frost on the  drill…. http://pic.gd/e22ad1

“FIelds still to wet to work, soybean harvest beckons, but conditions still not right. .Hopefully  we’  miss the rain for the ECB tonight”

“Picture of my frosty soybean field this morning near Dresden Ontario.  http://pic.gd/fc8e6

“Raining this morning in SW Ontario.  Most Combines poised to harvest soybeans, but harvest again delayed.  When it breaks, all soys will go”

“Late maturing Ont crops, plus wet fall weather points to more corn, soybean acres in 2010/11.  Dunno if we’ll get that wheat in”

Brokfldpumpkins, Maryland

“Planting winter wheat & working on the combine 2 get ready 4 beans. If u come 2 the patch in the next few days u might c the combine at work”


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