Harvest reports, Sept. 29-30

Here are a few harvest reports from the past two days. I apologize that I can’t summarize this bunch like I did with the others. Just too busy today and working again tonight.

I’ll try to make tomorrow’s batch better!

And once again, thanks to all the farmers who are busting their tails out there, day and night. Let’s be careful out there, as the sergeant on Hill Street Blues used to say.  Please keep sending the tweets and providing perspective on what you do.



 “Beans still 15% today. Try again tomorrow. Would love to get some organic fertilizer applied before rains come in.”


“Cutting SB plot. 48 total strips: 4 pops, treat vs untreat seed, fung vs no, 32# fert vs none. Half done. Results should be interesting”

 “Cold temps this morning nipped the volunteer corn and some weeds in the SB”

 “After doing quick calcs our 90K pop on SB out yielded the 120K, 150K, and 180K. Plus adding 32# N to the 90K gave it a big boost.”

 “Avg yields: 90K 72.05; 120K 71.53; 150K 67.05; 180K 69.17.  Rough field. Good field to run tests on.”


 “2 soybean fields harvested. Yields are great. Didn’t know what to expect with a cool, wet summer.”

 “Love the fact that even though my days R long, my kids can come out and spend time with me after school in the combine.”

 “Nothing better than conversation with my boys in the combine.”

 “Wife & daughter fed me supper in combine 2night. I could keep combining while my wife fed me. Only thing missing was the palm branches.”

 “I can remember the times spent w/ my dad in a tractor or combine cab, now I get to spend that same time w/ my kids!”


“Bean harvest is in full swing here in SW Iowa, yields are above ave. in the upper 50s to lower 60s for field averages.”

 “Just did a side by side Pio 93M11 74.64 Font.74N12 69.88”


 “Well in this area the corn yield was off 30 bushels for some and more for others. Heavy spring rains,replant,fertilizer loss,no rain in June”

 “However, we cut a good bean crop…150 acres left to cut. Harvesting rice right now and it is turning out very well…200 acres left.”

 “Maybe the rice and soybeans will offset the corn crop.”

 ArlanFF101 RT @tincup975: @ArlanFF101 Late beans in ND showing signs of frost damage after yesterdays AM frost. Got down to 30.  Yield losses eminent.


“Central Il. bean harvest underway.  Early beans RR2Y DK 3130 look good.  Yields Upper 50’s – 60. Late beans won’t be that good” 


 “We had a semi load of corn with 6% damage today from diplodia ear rot , our first this year.”

 “We switched to soybeans this afternoon but don’t have enough done to tell what yield is yet.”


 “Sowing wheat today. You reap what you sow, so, I am leaving the ice out of the drill to eliminate the hail next summer”


 “Great day in s. Ga. Blue skies, cool temp (for us anyway). Peanut picken time is here.”


 “Peanuts are looking good so far in Georgia, and cotton is promising also. Looks like a good year after all!!!”


 “The grain cart just left the barnyard..woo hoooo harvest is officially underway-what a gr8 time of year-look 4 updates as we harvest”

 “Beans are running out pretty good – but east wind will probably bring rain by tomorrow. Oh well.”


 “Frost across Ontario tonight….my crops  are mature enough, but dunno about the rest of Ontario”

 “PIcture of one of my corn fields near Dresden Ontario.. http://pic.gd/629cae

 “Picture of one of my soybean fields (the night before the first big frost?) near Dresden Ont.   http://pic.gd/f9933f


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