Harvest Reports, Sept. 28-29

It was a chilly start to the day for several farmers in the Corn Belt today. It also appears that the day came with a few hassles, such as machinery problems.

But the farmers are pressing forward in the hopes of harvesting near-record corn and soybean crops and in planting wheat and canola. Here are some of the tweets and a blog post I collected between noon Monday and noon today:

I think this three-word tweet from zjhunn sums it up for most farmers. The photo is of a combine hitting the first field of the year.

“And we’re off… http://pic.gd/3812ab

It was a bit chilly for cornfedfarmer in central Nebraska this morning after completing his first day of harvest.

“Nothing like waking up to a balmy 34 deg with wind chill of 30 on the 29th of September. Yard is white with frost.”

“First day of harvesting in the books finally. Beans are still averaging 13% moisture…right where we like it.”

mzfarmads has a few reports rolling in from Eastern Iowa.

“Heard report of beans in E. IA running 12.5%, about 52 bu. but stalks and pods still a little green. Don’t let the color fool you.”

foodprovider from Northwest Iowa ran into a few machinery issues, but yields are looking good.

“Got started on soybean harvest around noon. Broke down 3 hrs later. Beans testing 11.5% yield looks good (60+ bu/acre)”

“Harvest officially started on our family farm today. Group 1.9 soybeans running 67 bu/acre, 11.5% moisture.”

Mike also provided non-farmers with a bit of perspective on his job:

“Off 2 bd. During harvest, family farmers have much longer days. Besides all the normal work, we have the extra work of harvest.”

And by this morning, the dew put a stop on hitting the fields.

“Soybeans R a fussy crop. Have dew this AM, so can’t start combining until about noon. When wind dies down, usually quit shortly after dark.”

HuskerFarm of Nebraska also got off to a rough start last night. But he’s hearing good things from neighbors on dryland acres.

“Tried to start last night and ended up having to replace the throttle cable. Typical unexpected annoying issues to start harvest!!!”

“Have heard soybeans south of here on dryland with very minimal rain still making around 40 bpa. Man have our genetics improved!!!”

The first Canadian report of the year belongs to shaunhaney. Canola and wheat harvest are under way in Alberta.

“#canola #harvest yields have been very good on dryland this fall.” “Fusarium has had negative impact on wheat yields this #harvest”

curiousfarmer from Wisconsin is planting wheat.

“Filling silage bag today. Planting winter wheat tomorrow for the first time ever. 90 lbs. per acre?”

MartinFarms from Central Illinois is encountering wet field after wet field. He’s updating his blog throughout harvest, so check in here. As the title of his post suggests, it’s a bit of a struggle so far.

Getting Frustrating…. “Well we have managed to get about 100 acres picked and everything else is still too wet. The two fields that we have harvested had average moisture of @23%. Since then we have opened up a couple of different fields and have found nothing under 26%. Hopefully it will dry 2-3 points this week so we can get rolling. The yield has ranged 80 bushel between the two fields we have completed.

Our last planted corn still needs 2-3 more weeks before it will black layer. I have never seen corn this green going into October.

I heard the editor of the farmers almanac call for snow on Thanksgiving this year. Something tells me I might get my first chance to pick corn in the snow!”

cottonfarmer in south Georgia is ready to hit the bean and peanut fields. Hey, just in time for the baseball playoffs!

“Working on peanut pickers. We should had fixed them last year before we put them up.” “Cottonpickers are ready. Hope to have the combine ready for beans in the next few days.”

After pulling 50+ bushel beans off below-average gorund, hayseedmike from Iowa is back in the field today.

“Good drying day! Back to combining beans”

JacksonFarms from Central Illinois is also finding lots of wet corn.

“Had a good harvest day today but corn is still WET! 22%+ on 109 day corn planted April 26.”

OkieAgMan said he’s heard people talk about better grain quality during the Oklahoma corn harvest. Stay tuned for his report. Canola planting is wrapping up north of the Red River as well.

“Oklahoma corn harvest. Accoring to some farmers several hybrids have much better grain quality with much lower afla issues. Looking into.”

“Canola planting in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma at about 70% planted.South of Red River at less than 20%.”


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