Harvest reports over the weekend

This post builds off last week’s post. I’m trying to gather as many harvest-related tweets and blog posts as possible to consolidate the information from all over the country. Tweets can get lost in the stream after a couple hours sometimes.

Here are the tweets that I saw pop through my stream or ones that I collected from visiting farmers that I follow on Twitter. Make sure you follow them through harvest so that you get an idea of what they experience! I’ve hyperlinked their Twitter pages so that you can view other tweets as well.

Feel free to reply to my Twitter account if you’d like to share your harvest story for this blog, or submit a comment to this post.

And most importantly, best wishes to these farmers–and all farmers–for a successful and safe harvest.


@tvfarmer from Decatur, Ill., has been keeping folks up to speed throughout the weekend. He noted corn yields may vary from field to field, but overall, they are steady.  Beans may be a bit better than last year’s mid-50s.  If the weather stays on his side, he may be able to hit the fields this week.

Sept. 24:

“Early, early corn yields seem to be holding up in Central Il. Its going to vary a lot from field to field. More soybeans ready next week.”

WhiteAs leaves fall off of beans, I’m seeing potential, hopefully better than last year. Mid 50’s our best last year. Late beans, still a ? mark.”

Sept. 25:

“Light rain no harvest. Did a two pass yield check. 225 bu on 108 day corn. Thats @ 15 % shrunk. I hope all the rest is that good.”

Sept. 27:

WhiteIf weather cooperates should be in beans this week. Many turning quickly. Its getting to be showtime!!!!”

Sept. 28:

“Expected low 38 Wed. morning in Central Il. Good drying days today and tomorrow. Some beans ready to go”

@OkieAgMan from, you guessed it, Oklahoma is delivering corn, cotton and soybean harvest reports and canola planting updates. He notes that conditions have been favorable for Oklahoma’s harvest.

Sept. 24:

“Cotton looks great in Texas and Oklahoma. Farmers in south planning boll opening and defoliation 1 to 3 weeks. Could use heat to finish.”

“Canola planting slows a bit in Texas and Oklahoma with recent moisture, Acre intentions see slight increase with rains. Get it planted.”

Sept. 27:

“Great weekend for planting canola. Stands look great.”

“Corn harvest back in full swing. Grain quailty looks better this week on later planting now in harvest.”

Sept. 28:

“Late summer conditions have been good for fall harvest in Oklahoma. Late soybeans need a couple weeks to finish. Forecast looks favorable.”

@cottonfarmer from Georgia things are picking up in South Georgia.

Sept. 28:

“Peanuts will be coming up soon, cotton getting ready, corn flowing out of the ben, soybeans drying down, fall in south ga. farm.”

HuskerFarm from Nebraska started harvesting soybeans today. He will post videos and pictures of harvest, so look out for direct reports!

Sept. 28:

“Starting soybean harvest later today. Spraying bins to control insects and rodents for food grade storage. Harvest 09 here we go!!!”

@jstpeters of Illinois said no one is harvesting in his area and there’s a gap in maturity.

“Feels like fall in my part of Illinois. No harvest underway. Beginning to see planting gap. Some crops ready soon, others still very green.”

@russfarm of Indiana said corn and bean harvested has started between Terre Haute and Indianapolis.

Sept. 28:

“Same over here, saw a handful of fields, beans/corn harvested between Indy and Terre Haute over the weekend, more this wk though.”

It wouldn’t be fall harvest without a pumpkin update, right? @brokfldpumpkins of Maryland is open for business!

Sept. 28:

“Lots of great pumpkins with good firm stems, specialty gourds and full mums! We even added mini-bales this year to your fall décor needs!”

“It was a wet weekend but the week ahead looks good! Everything is so beautiful this year and bountiful!”

And finally, my colleague, @Tyne_Ag, said harvest is picking up west of Kansas City.

Sept. 28:

“Farmers just west of Kansas City harvesting corn yesterday said moisture was around 20%.”


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