A few harvest reports

With harvest under way, I thought I’d try to capture a few blog comments and tweets from farmers who are hitting this fields. Below are a sample of thoughts from those in the fields this week. I know I missed a few, but hopefully, I can capture the blog posts and tweets throughout next week and provide an update next Thursday afternoon.


Martin Farms, Mount Pulaski, Illinois, Sept. 21:

“Well we finally decided to let the combine figure out how wet the corn was. We picked our first two loads of the year today and we had to quit. The first was 28% and the second was 32%.  It was pretty discouraging because we were hoping to get something done this week. There is one more field that might go later in the week, but it looks like we are still a good week of drying away from getting anything harvested.”

hayseedmike, Red Oak, Iowa, Sept. 24:

“My first 87 ac. of early beans made 55 the best that field has ever made”

HuskerFarm, Nebraska, Sept. 24:

“Hoping to start on Soybeans by Monday. Dense fog this morn. December is going to be a very snowy.Not a lot of harvest going on locally yet”

cornfedfarmer, Nebraska, Sept. 24:

“Out chking SB fields. Our shortest season SB still a week away”


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