RIP, Dr. Borlaug

Dr. Norman Borlaug, who many credit as the father of the Green Revolution, died last night at the age of 95.

I had the pleasure of meeting him in March on his birthday. On that day, Monsanto announced the establishment of the Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program, which awards grants to doctoral students studying breeding in wheat and rice. For most of the post-birthday reception, he sat in a chair and sort of held court. Dozens of people walked up to him to shake his hand and have a picture taken with him. After a while, he was sitting there by himself, still looking fresh, and I walked up to him and introduced myself. I shook his hand and said, “Thanks for all you’ve done.” He nodded and smiled.

I have to say that was one of the cooler moments of my life. You don’t run across men or women who have saved millions of lives.

If you don’t know anything about Dr. Borlaug, check out these links for more information:

Reason: Billions Served: Norman Borlaug Interviewed by Ronald Bailey
New York Times obituary
The Atlantic: Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity

Rest in Peace, Dr. Borlaug.


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